Let’s talk about Tourist Bus Simulator (EN)

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  • Tourist Bus Simulator Update 9 - Officially Released!


    I don't understand that there isn't new update planned before the console port because you (Cuzzy) have said in the other post at this link that update 10 coming.... no confirmed date but if it's in 2023.

    Like Ivan, there is minor bug annoying and i don't play ths game that i love since start 2021 and wait this new update, hoping that it is this year....

  • Of course a bug in the game can be frustrating and ruin the experience, but also understand that the developers need to wait until the console build of the game is ready and then they can release an update on all platforms and fix the bug. Tourist Bus Simulator is scheduled for release on consoles in 2023, but a finished build of the game which can already be worked with and something in it will be ready before then. Although I don't exclude the possibility that the developers will decide to release an update for Tourist Bus Simulator on PC before the console porting.

  • So it's been announced on many sites that TBS is coming to PS5 & Xbox consoles on May 12th, 2022. Has there been an official announcement out yet from TML & Aerosoft?

    It has been announced by TML (& Aerosoft?), indeed 12/5/2022