TML-Studios sponsors football club FSV Reinhardsbrunn e. V.

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  • In social networks of TML-Studios, I saw posts about the fact that TML-Studios became sponsors of the football team FSV Reinhardsbrunn e.V.

    It's great! Have you seen what cool t-shirts these players have now ?! Could you tell us a little more about this? Why did TML-Studios decide to support these guys? I think many would like to have such t-shirts, can arrange a lottery and play several t-shirts among the forum participants. It would also be possible to launch the TML-Studios merchandise store, T-shirts, mugs, baseball caps, and possibly even model buses with the FlixBus crackers that are in games and much more.


  • I wrote from Tom, I hope that he will give me or buy a black XL T-shirt is a great thing after all I am 4 years old from TML STUDIOS, I think I deserve

    in the same way, for you the best forum people should have something from TML STUDIOS Don_Castor :):thumbup:

    Quarney the boss because we are waiting with David for these black T-shirts XL TML STUDIOS we must have them I think you understand us, we are the best on the TML STUDIOS forum

  • Hey guys,

    so Maximus was a little faster than me with putting up this info :)

    Tom wanted to support a local football team, that's why this cooperation came together. While they are not directly from Erfurt, it's not far away and they've known each other through several connections. We are very happy to support such a great club, where a community comes toghether and has a good time.

    About the jerseys: We sponsored those shirts and the club printed them for the two teams, so they belong to the club and we never actually had them here with us in the first place. Thus, we can't send them or sell them in any way. But don't worry: We are planning on doing some merchandise and we probably will begin this year. I will keep you updated!

  • It is very cool when the team of game developers decides to help the team of athletes, and does not put all the money in his pocket. Among Russian players, it used to be said that TML-Studios are a very greedy development studio, they sell radio for money and buses for the price of the whole game. But recently, such an opinion I hear less and less. This is due to lower prices for DLС, and free add-ons are also often coming out. Undoubtedly, the support of a sports team will very well affect the reputation of TML-Studios.

    I myself love sports very much, although a little different, I like to lift heavy pieces of iron :) My motto is “No pain no gain”.

    I wonder what products TML-Studios will offer us? What are your assumptions?

    Quarney I thought this news did not get to the forum and stay only in social networks, so I decided to talk about it here on the forum. The world must know its heroes :)

  • The merchandise idea is in very early stages, but we will obviously do some shirts, since some of you already made some orders :)

    We additionally thought about the usual stuff, mugs, mousepads, keyrings etc.

    What would you like to see?

  • Martin, keep calm, as I said, we are in the early stages of planning for merchandise, you can't order anything right now :)

    We know you and others would like some merch and will notify the community, when there is something to order.

    In the meantime, we would like to hear some suggestions of what you would want with our logo on? Maybe aside from clothing items, which Maximus already presented

  • I responded to PM and Facebook.

    you can make posters map of Germany bus and the inscription TML STUDIOS,

    I would like a black T-shirt under the inscription TML STUDIOS , under this inscription it would be nice if there was a MAN LION COACH bus, I think that such a project will be very attractive for players. Inscription and bus on both sides, MAN FLIXBUS green :):fernbus:

    I will wait as you produce , I'm calm :)  Quarney

  • Quarney I think some stickers, mouse pads and keyrings are absolutely some must haves for a shop, and clothing of course.

    Martin 40 Bus already mentioned a MAN Lion's Coach as a model vehicle, and since MAN seems to be a good partner of TML, I think his idea is not so bad: I would like the new version of the coach with the TML logo on it. What do you guys think?:)

  • New version MAN LION COACH ,logo TML that's a great idea Don_Castor :) such T shirts will be very good for all players :), the joy of wearing them and playing will be great :thumbup:

    My idea for a map of Germany with the MAN LION COACH bus with the TML logo is also very cool. The large format map can be used as :

    Location near the computer during the game a great matter of observation of the area and a souvenir.