A Dream Game.

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  • Probably everyone in the head has its own dream game, I would like to share my own.

    This is of course a bus or truck simulator, which is not so important, or better yet, that both of these vehicles are in the game. The game will not be like everything we are used to.

    On earth, there was some kind of cataclysm, no matter if it was a nuclear bomb or some kind of virus, or maybe the large hadron collider exploded, most of the planet’s population died, it was post-apocalypse. For me, of course, it is desirable to place Russia, but it can be any other old one.

    This is where our simulator actually begins. To survive, we have to take the wheel, transport goods or people, for which we will receive a currency for which we can, for example, support our family, which will die if we cannot earn enough money, there is an apocalypse in the world and there are no more government and social benefits, people survive as they can, repair or buy new buses and trucks.

    The roads will be broken, the flat roads to which we are used will not be at all, in some places there will be jams from abandoned cars or debris, it will be necessary to look for detours, you will have to make your way through puddles and dirt. Fuel is in short supply, so it’s not enough for all the way. We'll have to get out of the vehicle and search gas stations or abandoned cars, the same goes for parts. Excess parts can be sold or exchanged for the necessary. There will not be any zombies or machine guns on trucks, a complete simulation of the post-apocalypse, a huge map with cities and villages. Real brands of buses and trucks, not any spikes or sheets of metal on them, rust and scuffs are allowed in places.

    For motivation you need to add a story that will tie the player to the family and he will really worry about their fate.

    The main thing is that no one else has made such a game, there are many games about post-apocalypse, but there is not one about transportation and who will be the first to release such a game will simply go swimming in money and popularity.

    And what is your dream game? Share.

    p.s. If suddenly TML-Studios will make such a game, point me as a collaborator)tom-clancy-s-the-division-1765.jpg

  • I like the more real world and the buses are already colorful and you can create DLC tasks, firefighting in Fernbus , school trips, running a crane, something that interests me. we are extinguishing road accident, towing a broken bus. she respects that you like the game, but it is not a simulator but an action adventure game that goes beyond the realism simulation. In the simulators, the most beautiful are the realities of driving a vehicle over real terrain, if you like it it would be possible to give wild Russia map and courses there by bus but real, but that's my opinion only everyone can have their own.

  • Maximus

    Changed the title of the thread from “A dream game.” to “A Dream Game.”.
  • I would like the fernbus to have such functions and sentences in the game :) Maximus , which I described but your concept would also be fun as a new game TML STUDIOS:):thumbup: I know from a few people that the additions to fernbus which I described would be very cool, school trips are a very nice thing. extinguishing a fire while driving in a fernbus and, for example, towing a towed MAN bus:)

    Of course, you do not have to like , but I would like to play this game:)

    Look how beautiful it is with DLC BUNDESLIG, and that's why it gives you interesting ideas for the development of the Fernbus game:thumbup::)