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  • Good evening,
    @UndergroundBerlin  Chris Wanted to leave an idea that came to me this week.
    I've noticed that many people have made many comparisons between Fernbus and Euro Truck 2, well I do not come to compare, but talking about a site that used when belonged to a virtual company trucks together with some friends. This site was called Myvtc the Myvtc was a site where we made the record of our virtual company and then contratávamos friends as employees and employees used the site to register the travel and deliveries made. The register contained day and time of the trip, we were carrying, weight, place of departure and arrival and we had to upload an image to the report of the trip as proof and then submetiamos for approval.

    What I suggested is that were created something similar to what a person could have a virtual bus company which established routes for each employee and then the officials had to send a test as did those services. At the end of the month through the records sent by the heads of the companies would create a table with the top 10 best companies to travel :-).

    What do you think of the idea?

    I apologize for my English, if you want to explain even better idea just say.

    Luis Navio

  • Hi Luis,

    I definitely get what you mean and I think it's a great idea! I think the best thing would be to actually open up a virtual company that is external to this community - just to separate between the official forum and a virtual company.

    Maybe some of the English speaking folks around here would be up for opening up something like that all together?


  • The idea of a very good LUSNAVIO, but first you have to give the game to ride without doing blocking game in career mode just because it's a mistake. Option driving without locking the game every city, vehicles, etc., must also be applied what I suggest for a long time .It will be good for all professional and amateur players. True driver gets on the bus and going, there is no lock, so please and be in the game to make such an option Chris and TML STUDIO. And then the idea of a colleague LUSNAVIO make because it has a role other matter. The priority is what I say to satisfy players of the world.

  • Let me say it like this: as soon as we release our modding tools, it is technically possible to do quite about anything for the game, with our approval that is. So it might be possible for the community to create some kind of basic multiplayer (see ETS2) that you could then combine with a virtual company.

    But please keep in mind that I'm just talking about theory! No guarantee if that will work.

  • The idea has nothing to do with the TruckersMP.
    TruckersMP is the group responsible for the online mode ETS2, has nothing to do with the MyVTC as in the case of ETS2 in MyVTC can register charges made offline or online is indifferent, do not confuse the TruckersMP things is a MyVTC thing is another completely different.
    For those who would like to see the online Fernbus this case @UndergroundBerlin and @Chris agree, since the Fernbus team has other important priorities to develop for the game to reach the point of thinking in online mode, you can always try to look at those responsible for the TruckersMP they are available for desemvolver online mode for Fernbus as they did with ETS2, as everyone should know onlline mode ETS2 not belongs to the SCS Software. A group of friends is that remembered to create to make it more attractive game, which took the game to be one of the online driving simulation games most played in the world.

    Now I am returning to my theme "Virtual Enterprises" of long-distance transport of passengers. Tell me what you would bring this good for the game? I'll leave some points that could check:
    1- Each company would have a last name since the company we work for is Flixbus, ie each company was as if he were providing services to the Flixbus as an example as I am Portuguese my company could call PortugalBus.
    2-Following the example of me being the boss of PortugalBus have the initial function to see inside all players registered on the site to see which belong to the interested in my company.
    3- To my companies would have a ceiling of officials to encourage the creation of more businesses.
    4- members who were employees of a company could not be boss in another.
    5- The bosses as well as employees could put my trip logs.
    6-The employer would also have the responsibility to verify and validate the records of employees.
    7. Is there a daily limit of travel records as to simulate a tachograph, that is, the total daily records could not spend 13 hours daily driving.
    They are just ideas that can be changed.

    Again ask :-), which could be seen on the site?
    I'll leave here a few more points hit my idea.
    -Poderiamos See how many kilometers have any business both collective level and individual level
    How many passengers transported
    -Cumprimento Rules of transit
    If passengers enjoyed the trip
    I could give many examples but I'm not certain what the information at the end of trip report, but the idea is to create a ranking at various levels within the company and another between companies registered so that every month we see that the top 10 companies to travel.

    Luís Navio