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  • Post your feedback about Fernbus Coach Simulator right in this thread. Tell us what you like most and what we can improve for upcoming updates and projects.

  • - when you star route from Saarbrucken from depot, bus is on the side.
    - when the announcement is being played, and switch to external camera "1" and return to cockpit "2", you no longer hear playing announcement
    - even when the door are closed, and you press the buttons to close the doors, door closing sound is being played

  • When you start at Munich with the Man Lion's Coach C, The end of the bus is in the garage door making it fly.
    Sometimes at traffic lights AI makes a traffic jam behind you that causes the traffic in front of you to stop too and basically making you stuck in traffic forever.
    When motion blur is off the end of the bus bugs like it has motion blur on.
    Rain drops don't always show.

  • Vehicle -> Camera
    - cockpit camera is not in center of the seat, nor aligned in the center of the steering wheel
    - mirrors sometimes shows wrong camera angle, view, like it was flipped, or something, that's not even there

    Vehicle -> Sounds
    - pops and stuttering, especially on low RPM, sounds seems like not properly calibrated
    - internal engine sound are not good quality
    - door opening sound containts engine soound even when engine if off

    Vehicle -> Controls
    - gas & throttle pedals response curve is off
    - gear can be engaged only if brake pedal is pressed
    - bus feels much heavier than it should, loosing traction even at 80kph
    - transmission gear shifting is weird, not like an inteligent ZF gearbox
    - transmission select D1, D3, etc not working, it should select the respective starting gear, or Dm - maneuver mode, including reverse
    - input latency is high, no matter the graphics settings and fps
    - steering response is off, like it was not mechanically connected and had too much latency
    - brakes are very weak and not properly calibrated, also when almost stopped, bus will move forward, and must depress the brake pedal almost all the way???
    - no cruice control icon, also when cc pressed, it should hold selected speed, does not reset, only when brakes or retarded used
    - retarted - even on first notch, it's too strong, still same sound, decelerates at the same rate all the time (like it's not dynamic)
    - sometimes headlights are barely visible, missing (distant) full lights, have only fog lights
    - cant open all luggage compartments
    - bus does slow down at the same rate, despite going level or uphill, downhill
    - it also accelerate the same way no matter the road gradient
    - missing Cruise Control controls, like On/Off, Set, Resume, Increase Speed, Decrease Speed
    - speedometer gauge, needle is shaking, it should not, it's electronically controlled, probably by stepper motor and receives speed from ECU

    Vehicle -> Lights
    - missing high beam lights
    - indicator sounds are off sync
    - headlights not working in tunnels
    - signs not visible on highway, lights won't reach them

    - Map zoom not permanent, always zoom out when opened, nor does track the vehicle, or have such an option
    - GPS calculates wrong routes or distances

    - cars running on red
    - car lights are not properly visible in mirrors
    - cars ignoring the right o way and colliding with each other and with the bus
    - cars appearing and disappearing in the middle of the road
    - Augsburg bus station is higher than road, also missing nav route

    - honking cars even when no cars around
    - rain in tunnels
    - some foliage is incorrectly positioned, eg. tree on road, grass
    - ghosts behind cars
    - some white lines are visible from distance, some are appearing in front as I go

    - sometimes two busses are rotating in the Menu background

    - game does not pause when alt tab, in background
    - on some road gradients there is climbing stairs effect, it's not smooth at all, it should be smooth

    Update 2016-08-26

    Vehicle -> Camera
    - sometimes you can see grass (or terrain?) overlapping the road in the rear view mirrors

    - shows vehicle being off road, despite being still on the road, see screenshots (offroad-1, offroad-1map, offroad-2, offroad-2map)

  • Hello,

    Addicted2Winter gives a very comprehensive response - but in addition, I'd like to point out the following things I've witnessed:

    • Rain does not accumulate on the windows when driving (although it accumulates at least on the body panels when in exterior view)
    • Shadows (such as those cast by crash barriers) have a very poor draw distance (although I think I ought to review my graphics cards settings)
    • Some road surface markings have a poor draw distance, possibly an issue with anisotropic filtering (again, I need to review my graphics cards settings)
    • The autobahn has very unrealistic gradients and curves which are not permitted in real life, and the world in general does not feel 'open' - there are too many harsh hills which don't exist in real life. For example, the route between Bremen and Hamburg is quite flat and straight in the real world
    • The key assignments don't make sense on non-German keyboards - although obviously this can be altered
    • (Then of course the steering wheel issue, but you know of that)
    • The trees, to be honest, look absolutely awful - and the anti aliasing seems to be quite vague on them, too

    But as for positives:

    • I really enjoy the passenger interaction which you don't get with other driving sims
    • The functions of the bus are very nicely detailed - windscreen demisting, and so on
    • Random events are a refreshing change
    • The game sounds very good
    • I like how you can disable many UI elements
  • Hi guys i played the game.. It some quite a few bugs.
    1. Every time i press any button in the cockpit camera view.. the camera starts to zoom in and zoom out which is kind of annoying..
    2. Sometimes the fps comes to 15fps and stays there for quite a while!!
    3. And also AI vehicles are bit sloppy i mean they jump lights, spawn and despawn in front of us. and also they collide a lot with each other.
    4. The scheduled departure shows 0 if u depart on the scheduled time.
    5. Outside texturing looks bad even in epic quality.

    Or else the game looks good and has the potential to become the best simulation if the bugs are fixed fast..

  • I have Logitech Driving Force GT and Logitech G27 shifter and it shows me the same thing as XALAPHAS have. I have tried to reboot the PC several times, once it showed me a "Fatal Error!" and the game didn't even start. I have also tried to reinstall Logitech Profiler. Nothing helped... I was trying to solve it for several hours...

    :cursing: :cursing:

  • I don't know how to explain it, but with stuff thats moving in the bus it multiplies like if motion blur is on... But It's off. Wipers, Back fo the bus and the handle near the door have this issue. I think this video will explain it better

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  • So 6 hours into playing this game which is great I have come across a few issues.

    First, there is a grammar error in the finish screen. You have written "Run Not Out of Fuel". This can be correctly written to "Did Not Run Out of Fuel"

    Second, the green lights are a lot shorter when the player is in front of them, then when I am not. I did spend a few minutes testing this out and the difference between the cycles of the lights with and without is an average of 30 seconds which is just too big.

    Third, the vehicles spawn way too close to the vehicle, even to the point when I went on a long run from Onsinbruck to Koln 4 vehicles spawned in front of me and caused a heavy accident every time as I was on the autobahn going 100kph.

    fourth, the vehicles on the autobahn are giving way to vehicles waiting to enter which I have never seen before and highly unrealistic.

    Fifth, now the first update has come out, every now and then I get pops and crackles. This is normally during the announcement, and is greatly increased with bad frame rate and watching a video on my second screen.
    Another issue that came about with the update. When traveling on the autobahn, if the passengers make any complaints, they flash up on screen and then almost impediment disappear making them unreadable.

    seventh, the 'Fixing Brake' which I assume is meant to be a parking brake does absolutely nothing. If my assumption was completely wrong, then maybe add something where if you hover over the name in the control menu, it tells you what it does.

    eighth, When ever I save a journey. Leave the game and return and resume the journey the game's frame rate completely tanks to about 5 FPS at best and I am running a powerful machine which most of the graphic setting on high or epic. In the attempt to get more frames I lower all my settings which doesn't do anything. I leave the game and try again and the improvement is only to 10 FPS maximum.

    The next 2 issues are to do which my controller which is the Logitech G27 which works absolutely fine but with a few quirks. First which I am coming to a stop at say at a set of traffic lights. Once stopped I need to keep my foot on the brake for an unnatural extended period of time. If I do not than the bus will lurch forward even with my foot completely of the accelerator (gas) pedal which I also do not fell is a natural behavior of the bus IRL. I left the game and went to my control panel and checked that my wheel and pedals were completely calibrated and fully functional. This did not remove the issue.

    The other issue I have had with my controller and the final issue I will talk about here is the pedals have a dead-point that is quite large. I messed through the settings for the pedals to no avail, and check them with Euro Truck Sim 2 and they didn't have a dead point.
    The issue I have with the dead-point the pedals have in the game is that I feel that I have to just put full brakes on as I am use to applying very little of the pedal just to slightly slow down, and there isn't enough on the pedal axis to add a curve value to counter that fact.

    You have a really good game here in the making and I cannot wait to see all the features you are planning to bring into this game.

  • I've been playing for a couple hours now and there's a few things I've noticed (some of which have already been mentioned).

    There's a strange issue with the vehicle wanting to accelerate after stopping, as if the throttle were being held down. The effect disappears after a few seconds, at which point releasing the brake results in no uncommanded acceleration. This happens both with my G27 and using the keyboard.

    I've noticed there's some stretches of road at interchanges where AI traffic speed drops way down for no reason, maybe to 50-60 kph. This isn't at the merge point either, and the slowdown spans all lanes. It seems like the AI speed limit on those segments is set too low. The through lanes on the trumpet interchanges are one example where it seems consistent.

    Road markings don't always appear until you're nearly right on top of them. It resembles poor anisotropic filtering, but only some roads are affected so it's not a global thing. Regular freeway straights are fine, but the lane reduction areas (where the left lane has to merge to the right) and many of the bus station lots have this problem.

    Finally, the text on the overhead freeway signs is really hard to read at a reasonable distance, even at 1080 with 100% scaling. This isn't the night-lighting issue, it's a problem during the day too. It feels like the small font plus general texture blurriness at speed are the culprits. The post-process anti-aliasing isn't helping with the blurriness, I feel (but I don't think the UE4 engine supports an alternative, which is a shame). I'm running on full epic settings for reference.

    There's a lot of potential with this game, and I really hope TML is serious about post-launch support. I've seen the list of planned fixes on the Steam forums and it all looks like great stuff!

  • Hey,

    - So I started moving from the bus stop in Hannover and heard the sound of crash that happened in one of Squirrel's videos too so I stopped immediately to see in third person what was the reason I know that the lap is not touching the bus but it's the closest object I could find, and I think it's causing the sound...
    - The honk does not sound form the outside view.
    - When you are on foot outside the bus and open a door (while the engine is running) you hear as if the engine sound increases, and it decreases when you close it.
    - When it rains the water drops do not stick on Man Lion's coach's windscreen but it does on the C.
    - In my opinion, the windscreen wiper's movement memory should only show form outside the bus and not from the inside
    - When in high speeds the exterior engine sound cuts off, it's not fluid.
    - You should also teach the AI to see blinkers xD
    - The roundabouts are a mess, the ai cars just drive into you and it's frustrating cause it takes EXP of you...

    Regards, :)