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  • I think it important to add English version.
    because it feel like i buy it to hear "@#$&#@#÷¥¢¢@#" but in other hand it more realistic with german.

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  • Hello,

    Having english is a nice idea (with ability to choose what langage to hear).

    I wrote allready this during beta tests, perhaps useful to write it here :

    I noticed no bug, only a litle lag when each new song begins.

    For eventually further developments, I would suggest :
    - 1 button on the radio which could optionnally activate something which alters the sound in order to be more radio-like. Perhaps only a gadget ?
    - ability to drive without music but only "Traffic-info", like real stereocars.
    - when going outside the bus (first view mode), the sound is cut. Perhaps it's possible to make it decrease so that it can be heard a little outside, near the doors.
    - be able to play internet radio stations or shuffle mp3 on hard drive (The mp3 listening could also be cut by Traffic-info).

    So a big thank for this DLC, a really must have ! I which all succes to TML Team !

  • Any plans to develop this DLC ? Traffic info for Austria, Swizerland, France ? Perhaps own volume control for Traffic Info (I like to listen music at low volume but hear Traffic Info more loud, like real radios raise the radio volume when they play the traffic announcements).