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    Today we've released Update 1.20 for Fernbus Simulator. This update not only fixes a lot of bugs and adds polishes to the game, but most notably adds a new lighting and weather system and some new vegetation. Due to file packing, texture and material optimizations we've also improved loading times and performance.

    Detailed information can be found in the Changelog below.



    The following have either been fixed or changed:

    • Loading times have been optimised
    • Lighting System update
    • New weather system
    • Rain effect on windshield updated
    • The destinations of invalid passengers have been updated
    • Resting request of passengers in an empty bus has been fixed
    • Bird sounds deactivated during rain
    • Fixed incorrect times and sorting of rests in the route plan display
    • Passenger comments have been reduced while the bus is not moving (e.g., after or before a break)
    • Updated frequency and probability of passenger comments
    • Radio can now be heard outside the buses: Volume depends on the distance to the bus and if doors are open
    • Added additional mode for vehicle mouse control without acceleration and braking
    • UI sounds are now responding to the master volume level
    • Bug fixed: In the route selection menu with activated help window for mode selection, the "Freeplay" Mode spawned the player without the bus high up in the air
    • In the minimap (HUD), a symbol for the retarder is now being displayed when activated
    • Events for vehicle malfunctions have been fixed
    • Reversing signal range of the buses increased
    • Updated bus stop symbols on the map: During the route, only the stops of the current route are now displayed on the map
    • Updated bus stop symbols on the map: Bus stops that have not yet been unlocked now have a new symbol
    • Updated bus stop symbols on the map: Stops outside the current radius of the player profile are now marked with a red symbol
    • Size of action cameras has been adjusted
    • Loading of the preview images of Mods fixed
    • Falling streetlights in the vehicle selection menu
    • MAN Lion's Coach C: Wiper effect on front shield misplaced
    • Lightning flashes and thunder in tunnels and other interiors
    • Coaches floating near Stadium, Munich, Germany
    • Buildings float in the air (road 9, near Karlsruhe)
    • New trees are too bright
    • AI cars disappear at a junction in Düsseldorf, Germany
    • Disabled/Grey junction on GPS/Navi Map but drivable in Düsseldorf, Germany
    • Mirror images poorly visible through rain effect on the front shield or driver window
    • Directory of cached textures
    • MAN Lion's Coaches and Neoplan Skyliner don't switch to the 12th gear
    • Highscore is not being updated
    • When loading a savegame with another bus type from a running game, the repaint of the bus in the loaded savegame will not load
    • Thunder is audible in the Main Menu
    • The label of the weather on the button does not update according to the chosen weather
    • MAN Team Bus: Interior of the front shield is greatly distorted
    • AI-Busses: Material on front shields is buggy
    • ComfortClass HD: 517 loading wrong exterior mesh
    • ComfortClass HD: Bus does not accelerate from the bus stop in Arcade Mode
    • Fatal Error crash when unloading a level with new building materials
    • Updated lighting system
    • Updated traffic light flow in cities of Germany
    • Some level art fixes
    • Weather in the vehicle selection screen doesn't update when de- / synchronisation the date
    • Route Editor: All cities symbols are marked as unlocked
    • ComfortClass HD: Variant 517 shows artefacts in the mirrors
    • ComfortClass HD: Chrome stripes on some variants missing
    • "Fatal Error" Crash when playing the game
    • "Fatal Error" Crash starting or closing the game
    • Landscape material textures updated
    • Texture memory pool optimization
    • Traffic light flow updated in all cities, incl. DLC Switzerland & Austria
    • Various environment and level bugs
    • New tree LODs appear too bright and green
    • Driver Windows Open/Close command activates a random camera preview
    • Profile: Next Level Progression % missing at Level 3
    • Resting sometimes not possible in Rest Areas
    • Mirror Images in HUD too dark at night
    • Inactive bus stop display option doesn't work
    • Some speed limits in navigation display don't match signs
    • AI-Coaches driving without license plates
    • Lag when clicking on "Start Game" in the main menu
    • Neoplan Skyliner: Exterior and interior Lights do not work properly
  • mk0

    Approved the thread.
  • The errors we have already reported in the beta are still to be improved lighting and there is a raport :

    1.The cockpit is too dark , the steering whell please it can be seen clearly in the black place is very dark. Please, bright cockpit and steering wheels all BUS

    2.Bus All they are definitely too dark please give them brighter

    3.MOD - you can see the black screen no bus photos

    4.in the tunnels, the FPS 5 drops ,bad rides

    I've provided everything in the pictures, I'm counting on the repair, the rest is very well made and I'm happy :)


  • Martin 40 Bus thank you for keeping the list of bugs, it will be easy for TML to see the issues.

    Could you please add the fps drop bug at the entrance and exit to tunnels to your list. I have just checked and the problem still exists.

    Thank you

    1.The cockpit is too dark , the steering whell please it can be seen clearly in the black place is very dark. Please, bright cockpit and steering wheels all BUS

    2.Bus All they are definitely too dark please give them brighter

    3.MOD - you can see the black screen no bus photos

    4.in the tunnels, the FPS 5 drops ,bad rides

    I've provided everything in the pictures, I'm counting on the repair, the rest is very well made and I'm happy

    changed, everyone on the forum can write, photo errors movie, TML STUDIOS they read and then delete errors- Digeeboy also report boldly;):thumbup:

  • We're glad you guys appreciate the Fernbus Update. Soon we'll release DLC Rennsteig for free, before we'll release DLC VDL Futura simultaneously in both Simulators. So, there's going to be happening a lot around Easter.


    *Looks at the internal pipeline of stuff to come* Well, this year has just started.


    That's the intent of the Tourist Bus Update.

  • One friend had a problem, the game is jerking, friezes, he diminished the graphics of mirrors and shadows, it became a little better but not completely, here is his PC, AMD reason 5 2400g, gtx 1070 8g, 16 gb of RAM, tell me what the problem may be ? The game is installed on the SSD, all drivers are updated.

  • Thanks so much for this update. Looking forward to playing but STEAM is giving me problems at the moment, it keeps restarting the download and when at 100% doesn't complete.

    So trying again; I personally miss the old .exe installer file it would of downloaded by now and installed ages ago! Lol

    What the time you have there dread? 12 o Clock Natty. :thumbup:

  • Alarm! The problem really exists, yesterday when I started the game, I had friezes, I thought it was an accident, but today it happened again. My friezes start when the sun rises, after restarting the route and changing the time by day, there are no friezes and the game works fine. A friend also complains about the same problem, we have the same video card, gtx 1070. I recorded a video where you can see how the game works. It turns out this happens at dawn, a mistake in the lighting. Guys, check how your game works when sunrise. Not any graphics settings do not help. :(


  • We are pleased with the update because a lot of good brings ,DLC Rennsteig :) and DLC VDL Futura :). soon. If you could have saved Gil, my and my colleagues' entries on the list of works would be great. Many error are not resolved and we repeat the write. I have a similar phenomenon as Maximus

    sometimes the image loses fluidity and goes on and off cages. Fernbus performance is not the best because it's about 35 - 40 FPS if it would improve everything we write would be great. because the game is very interesting and cool.

    mk0 Gil the internal pipeline of stuff to come where is it?:/

    a translation error should be given to AUTHORS- POLAND - AUTORZY