Update 22 BETA - available now!

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  • Get into steam in the workshop and download how you like it, press green and you already have it in the game ,

    DavidGamer401 showed you exactly the photo how to do it

    I recorded you a guide on how to add paint bus steam workshop - but I advise you not to exceed 10 paintings for the game because then there may be performance problems and other lee.white91

  • Wow my first views are visuals have improved,lighting improved on the MAN Lions C,i have not downloaded a skin yet,will at some point.It is progress so far,i am running at 60 FPS,i have never ran at this with low graphics settings.

  • 1.22.27863 // Update evaluation //

    the night view has really become even more beautiful.<3

    it is really nice to see the full moon in the night sky and the moonlight increases realism. Too much whiteness in the sky may remind the sun. So this balance should be well adjusted.

    There was a negative effect on daytime appearance. It has a foggy look. I don't feel the sun. Everything looks pale.

    very old photo. everything looks more alive.

    + Headlights of other vehicles in the night traffic is not clear at all. The headlights become invisible without the vehicles disappearing. This is not realistic.

    + the reflections on the windshield feel better at night. Over time, light reflections will be better. However during the daytime the windscreen does not have any. The reflection of the sun should be made more apparent.

    + We can't see buses outside MAN Lion's. we want to see other buses in traffic.

    VİDEO------------ Behind the buses, a layer forms while driving. This looks like a graphics error. I also had this problem before updating. the problem still continues.

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  • I hope that my content will not be picked up as malice, I also talked with my colleagues our assessment is that the current light in the game causes too low sharpness and colors and this fog unfortunately spoils the image not only of plants but the objects of the whole game. I agree here with Kadimbey

    you can see that the old photo is much nicer in colors and sharpness without fog, my movies and photos are present and earlier you can also see.

    I am asking you TML STUDIOS to restore the previous image because it is much nicer.

    we can vote on the forum here if TML STUDIOS wants here are the best players of this game and we will decide what version it is to be, it's a pity that the image is broken , juls2008 many other people including I are not happy with this image,

    A great bus ride Fernbus :) :fernbus::fbs-sign-330::thumbup:

  • Hi guys,how do i put screenshots on here?.I am currently driving the VDL 135,it is awesome to drive as tri axles are easier to manouver around corners,rondabouts.Cant wait for the MAN Lions Intercity coach.Do you guys know when France is arriving,this will bring alot more map to Fernbus.I watched the DEV videos,truely amazed at the upcoming updates for Fernbus,then The Bus and aslo the game with the immaculate Scania City Line bus.Really excited.

  • // Always strive for the development of the game. //

    Main problems in the game and Suggestions

    1) Engine sounds are not satisfactory. Engine sound disappears when the accelerator pedal is released. One of the biggest problems.

    2) The controls are not really satisfactory. especially at high speeds, the bus does not react properly. In my experience, the VDL bus is the bus with the lowest feeling of driving. Can you turn a bus bend at a speed of 100 km / h? how realistic? I can do that with the VDL bus.

    3) The duration of the traffic lights should be well adjusted.

    4) Vehicles in traffic should act more consciously.

    5) The suspensions are very very very very important for the driving feeling. Current suspensions are at 3/1 level than they should be.

    6) Diversity of roads is very important. Bad roads always create better driving sensations as they activate the suspensions. I would love to ride on occasional dirt roads.

    7) The number of passengers should be increased. The number of passengers should be important in the economic system. More passengers means more money. I hope the economic system will come. Passengers should walk away after landing. passengers should take the bus on foot.

    8// Raining in enclosed areas is bad. This problem must be resolved.

    9) manual gear must be added to the game. However, for gear shifts, the sounds should be adjusted well.

    10) headlights of buses should be reviewed. At the same time, the indicators on the driving display should appear more vivid. Reflection details on the windscreen must be increased.

    you can find more suggestions and problems from my other posts. Good luck, TML studios.<3

    mk0  Quarney  Mathias  Eriic  Timo  Alex_S

  • Unfortunately I can't play the second BETA update since Steam is broken....

    After I wait an hour it says 23 HOURS LEFT or 6 DAYS LEFT and I hate it so would love to see the new update.For now i'm going to stick to Martin 40 Bus's videos