New DLС - V2.

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  • This topic is not a problem.

    Genre information has been published on the forum in the past and even so it does not take the shine off an official announcement.

    The impact is when it is officially announced with information about the content, images and videos.

    In Beta 1.8 of the Tourist Bus it was mentioned that they were preparing for a new DLC. A new vehicle is coming soon.

    Good for moving curiosity and discussing what can be.
    I call this my point of view on the subject and respect of the other colleagues of the forum. :)

  • Maximus, on a Facebook page in the Tourist Bus Simulator (TML-Studios) group, there was a message that the latest update to TBS was in preparation for the upcoming DLC release.

    We all look forward to the DLC coming in the coming weeks.

    I don’t want to guess now which DLC will be released and I want it to be a surprise. And of course I look forward to the bus of my favorite company MAN.

    Let's see what a surprise TML-Studios has prepared for us :love: In any case, I am very happy about this! 8o

  • If you believe the official message on the page on Facebook, then until the next new ninth update of TBS, we will still see the new DLC in Tourist Bus Simulator 8o

    As for V2. Could it be Version 2 (V2)? I do not know :/

    In the last update, I noticed that many new stops were added. It is possible that some addition will come out as new routes. Maybe. These are just my guesses. I personally think that if this is not a DLC as a bus, then most likely some new section of the island, or new routes. Or is it a new garage for our buses ^^ I have no more options :)

    It’s great that you touched on this topic, Maximus!

    My interest has warmed up! :thumbup:

  • CuzzystyleTV
    No problem friend. ;)8)

    If images had been leaked or something more detailed (direct) would be something serious, the content published is minimal.

    Good for generating discussions of what can be and leaving your guess and even desire.

    I sincerely wanted to believe that it is something related to new vehicle sounds, perhaps an isolated vehicle being tested. But I doubt it very much. :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:


    Anyway, it can be anything, from a feature being tested or a new vehicle DLC (version variations). :/

    DLC for a new map?

    As it was clarified recently it is discarded (Tourist Bus Simulator). ?(

    The best thing about all this is to know that TML is moving in terms of new features and content. 8o

  • I sincerely wanted to believe that it is something related to new vehicle sounds, perhaps an isolated vehicle being tested.

    why not. TML-Studios were ready to record new sounds as soon as the epidemic wave subsided. Now is the time for this ;)
    I like your train of thought :)

    DLC for a new map?

    As it was clarified recently it is discarded (Tourist Bus Simulator). ?(

    Yes, Quarney wrote about this, the whole island may not be built soon. But there may be some small section of an existing island. As it was in FBS (Usedom and one more).

  • Bevilacqualex,

    the second option with MAN is more likely. I also thought about it. But if it is not a bus DLC, then V2 means something else.

    Okay, I’ll wait. Now, nothing will change.

    The only good news is that soon TML-Studios will give us great news. Be it a new bus, new sounds or some other addition. This is cool!

    Well, we are looking forward to news, including news on The Bus project. I am sure that this year TML-Studios will still please us with news and will surprise us :love: 8o

  • Denis_W

    Thank you friend. ;)

    I like to discuss the possibilities and wishes of our colleagues on the forum. I learned a lot from everyone's diverse opinions and good ideas. We all like buses is something exciting when something new is being developed or suggested.

    - My biggest dream at the moment is the realism and quality in the sound of each vehicle.

    - Vehicle personalization.

    - And if possible new buses, my first option is Irizar with a variant of the model sold in Brazil (with small internal changes and without the door to the center of the bus).

    Of course, any vehicle is very welcome.

    There are many improvements that many of you are always commenting on.

    Performance I don't even need to mention that it's basic.

    Everything is possible, small connections or even new cities, looking at the map of Fuerventura it is notable the absence of some cities or stretches of road. The doubt remains in the air.

    New features of company management mode?

    It would be something interesting to improve the experience.

    I have many suggestions on the subject and I must have mentioned this in the past. ^^^^^^:D:D:D


    Without a doubt it is a model that I would like to see in games, it is beautiful.

    Together with the Setra TopClass S 531 DT. :love:

  • If you conduct a small investigation, you can come to some conclusions. This addition will be for both games, so most likely this is a new bus. Then we look at the abbreviation V2 and look for a suitable bus. For example, take VDL Futura FDD2, the first letter is V, and the last digit is 2, we fold and it turns out V2. VDL buses are already in the game, which means that there are no problems with obtaining a license, as the company Flixbus uses them for transportation. My answer is VDL Futura FDD2.

    But I could be wrong.

  • Maximus - if you are indeed correct and it's the VDL double decker, then I am afraid that won't buy this DLC until TML add windscreen wipers on the upper deck that wipe away the rain, and not just there for looks, (it's not like we can remove the function in real life lol) some may say I'm overreacting, but I have high expectation and standards of Fernbus, and that function being omitted is for me not realistic and of which I know TML pride themselves on realism, it's a simple thing that only needs to be enabled when "Epic" Graphics are enabled, like the MAN Lions Coach interior is only available on "Epic" graphics setting, it would take minimal work to add, as it was there for Neoplan Skyliner, but was removed in version 1.18 or 1.19 of Fernbus, this feature should be in the game, that way the players whose PC's can't support "Epic" graphics settings can simply lower the settings, and the players who want realism and all functions of coaches also can have them.

    It's the best of both worlds :D

    Kind Regards.