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  • I'm going straight to the point.I'm a huge fan of your studio especially for World Of Subways.You are not going to believe this but I was inspired by your games to be a subway driver and I just pray that you don't stop making a new subway game.
    I'm going to tell you my ideas about the latest one and propose new ideas for the next one and I'm sure that you are going to make one.

    WOS4 was a great game with just minor issues compared to WOS3.

    1- The timelapse feature was freaking awesome !!
    2- The idea that you can take the train to the last station and you can change the cabin there was Unbelievable !!!!
    3- The graphics were pretty good and I think it was a Great graphics for a simulation game
    4- The sounds of the train were pretty good but only for the train itself apart from the doors and the tools inside the cabin :/
    5- The 7 service was a good choice as a line because it has a great variety of stations and distances between them and I can't tell you how it is really fun to break the speed limit on the express train and just fly with that train!!! :lol:
    6- First person camera was great for exploring the train
    7-The depot was good but I needed to do more stuff in there
    8- The world is created with an astounding detail:buildings and stuff like that.
    9- The great number of AI trains on the line gave me a great feeling of a busy line with me being part of it.
    10- Aggro mode was um... Ok.
    11- Signals were God damn great especially when they change with the AI
    12- Shifts were awesome!

    1- The idea that I can't control the doors for myself inside the cabin was bad and switching between conductor and driver gave me a headache 8|
    2- Until this moment I'm not satisfied with the cabin sway update because basically what you did was sway the camera and not the cabin itself which WOS3 was great at especially with the sounds outside the train OMG you can't imagine how it felt back then 8)
    3- The problems that the game faced at the beginning with the graphics was disappointing because more time must be spent to optimize the game.
    4- The sounds in the cabin are from WOS3 which broke our hearts as fans because we were waiting for something new
    5- A train with no speedometer was a shock because we just love seeing a meter going back and forth with our eyes on it :P
    6- More attention was needed for the physics in the game I had to push the breaks hard to stop the train with its loud noise. I can't image what the passengers felt when I braked like that on each station :(
    7- Empty AI trains!!!!!!!!!!!! , Enough said :cursing:

    NOW lets leave that all aside we need to focus on the new!!
    I'm going to present my ideas and you can combine it with that unbelievable talent of yours and present us with a Simulation that is not from this world !!!!!!!!!!
    1- Train with great sounds not only from his movement but also from his equipment as well. we need to hear a lot of stuff going on in that moving train
    2- A cabin with a lot of stuff to turn on and off. Stuff we can put our keys as driver in it and buttons we can press and has speedometer
    3- Doors we can control ourselves and not the AI and if it have its own light gauges it would be a lot better
    4- Now a big one but a definitive one. Put a system which makes me play the game more and more like a skills system, the more we spend playing the more trains and schedules and larger distances we can play. Of course, this is only an idea but i believe you can develop it more
    5- Damaging system. A system which occurs when the player exceeds the speed limits repeatedly or ignores to stop the train at the maintenance station. now this system must be seen through new sounds of damage to the trains or the wheels or slight malfunction at the the doors' response or even any kind of error can happen while driving
    6- As spoken before at the skills system you can offer more trains to play with and that means to look at a line with more than just one rolling stock involved.For example, I visited Egypt once and it has a metro with three lines each has different rolling stock.
    What I mean that variety must be involved in the game.
    7- Details are all that matters,every simulation is based on details:sounds,control,world,weather.
    8- you can make good use of the depot by making it the maintenance center for example and taking your shift from the depot itself and not just a loading screen and boom you're in the train
    9- Give more life to the passengers like to see late passengers running to catch the train, Kids, Families,a lots of classes you know!
    10- No need to stick to schedule on each station , we just need to stick to it when departing and I think the signals would be great to indicate if I'm speeding because the line would be busy ahead of me.
    11- Try to give indication to the busy times because we love crowded stations.

    Finally,this what I can offer but I just want to tell how I'm a huge fan of your games. when you announced that there going to be a WOS4 I was going to die of excitement because this simulation is special to me and all of my friends . PLEASE, TML-studio don't ever think not to make a new WOS. please this is a great game and it was the first simulation played in my life back with WOS1. Please think to develop a new one after Fernbus simulator to offer us something new you've always been great at making this game.

    As a fan,I appreciate all the work you've done on the past WOS games and the others as well and hope to wait a new subway simulator SOOOON and not after five years or something like what you did with WOS4 :D
    Thank you for reading this. This game is precious to me more than you think , you have my respects and appreciation for your work and I wait for your reply.
    Your fan ,Crazy Doc

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    Hey Crazy Doc,

    wow, thanks so much for your words and the great feedback! We really appreciate the pro and cons by our fans, and try to take every feeback to make our next products even better.

    First off, don't worry, we are definitely going to go back to subway simulations (and it won't take thaaat long either...). More to come in the coming months.

    I think we are definitely going to make a big step forward with our next products. After we've switched to the Unreal Engine for the Fernbus Coach Simulator, so many new opportunities have been found and we really have some killer features in mind for our next products, no matter if bus or train simulation.

    Keep your eyes on this spot, we've got some awesome stuff coming up!

    Best reagrds

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    Hi manager
    Since you are making the fernbus simulator, I suppose that you might alse bring us a long-distance trip by railway. How about the S Bahn(especially Berlin S Bahn) or DB Regio, even the IC and ICE. With UE4, we must get a special experience on railway simulator.

    Hope that can help bring your new idea

  • I hope after realise the game TML Studios you will start to think about trucking game. The map of Germany is ready so only things left to do are: trucks and transshipment points. I hope one day you will meet the challenge.

  • I would add that every game simulation must meet what is really going on traveling vehicles, bus, subway, train, remember Chris to play a ride by the traffic rules, without unnecessary lock-type games new something real driver never unlocks thee the nothing gets and going in a matter of driving. you have to give a chance to ride in any mode without blocking any game I expect it's all players TML STUDIO.Ready maps of Germany, can be used for precisely the type of games. Subway, trains, buses, taxis, trucks, transport, etc.

  • @MBO530
    Daraus könnte man gut einen Intermodal-Simulator machen.
    That sounds like an intermodal transport simulation...
    Der letzte Satz im vorherigen Post weist auch auf eine intermodale Verwendung hin.
    The last sentence in your recent post also seems to point at a possible intermodal simulation.

    There is an example how a UE 4 train simulator would look like:

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  • Look nice !

    PC Spec

    Youtube Channel

  • Okay, for now, I won't get much into detail about the pros/cons and space for improvement in terms of WOS4, but I will drop some sentences about the general concept of a possible next part of the series.

    I really like those games (got 'em all) and I would really appreciate if there would be a next part in the future.

    Until now, the series featured some classic subway systems, not only regarding their age, but also regarding their characteristics with independent track networks, third rails, rather smooth curves etc.

    So according to this logic, the next candidates could be:

    • Paris (as far as I remember, this was already announced when WOS3 released) - because of the historical and a bit "raw" vibe
    • Moscow - because of the architectonical highlights being the stations (aka "underground palaces") as well as the very deep location of the tunnels
    • Chicago - Although similar to NY in some aspects (like the vast majority of elevated parts), it contains one special element, The Loop. Also, the subway stations in the city centre consisting of several successive stops forming one extremely long platform or the parts outside, especially when the tracks are situated in the middle strip of the expressways, are worth a notice.
    • London Deep Tubes - Although the London theme was used in WOS3, it only simulated the heavy-railway-like subsurface part of the network. What about putting the focus to the Deep Tube system, since it is pretty different to the first one? Another point why I am mentionning this is because I stumbled upon an interesting advertisement on the Aerosoft page. It was about a game by TML called "London Subway" and the cover wasn't the same as on the actual WOS3 game. It also did not feature the "World Of Subways" text in the title. When I clicked that banner, I got the information that this product doesn't exist. Strange. Probably just an error of the Aerosoft guys, but there is surely a reason why they had this picture. Nevertheless, it is still worth a try.

    But what about doing something else besides following the classic subway concept? I am speaking of the Stadtbahn, a system being a mixture of a tram and a subway, which is pretty common in many cities in western Germany and was introduced during the 1970s. The characteristics of this concept are overhead wires instead of the third rail, much sharper curves than in pure subways, not necessarily grade-separated route branchings (track crossings the same level are possible) and shorter trains that are more similar to trams rather than to typical subway trains, but are made to stop at high platforms.

    In contrast to trams, the Stadtbahn tracks aren't usually located in the streets and the vehicles don't share the space with cars etc. The mostly have their own routes between roadways, crossings with streets or pedestrian paths are usual.

    Possible candidates for an upcoming WOS-part focussing on the Stadtbahn theme are Cologne/Bonn, The Rhine/Ruhr area (with cities like Duisburg, Dortmund, Düsseldorf, Bochum, Gelsenkirchen, Essen, Mühlheim (Ruhr), Oberhausen), Frankfurt (Main), Hannover and Stuttgart.

    Why am I mentionning this idea since many people woudn't consider this a subway? It's simple: In the aforementionned cities, people consider these systems as a subway, not as a tram. Moreover, in many cities, the networks are separated into the U-Bahn part with predominantly underground routes and the tram part with mostly overground and street-bound tracks.

    From my point of view, the two best cities to be used in a game wold be either Cologne/Bonn, because it is the first system of that type, or Frankfurt Am Main, because it is closer to a typical subway since it is totally separated from the tram network (due to the exclusively high platfroms and high-floor trains), but still features a big variety of route characteristics - from classic subway tunnels through street level parts separated from the rest of the traffic, street-bound tracks to routes through the countryside.

    Plus, I'd be also interested in the latter one since I originally came from FFM :D

  • Replay view after one travel run.

    Hi guys,

    I'm amazed by that game-simulator!

    The only thing it misses is a replay view like we usually have in racing game. I would like to be able to see my driving run when it's done as a replay view.

    Please add this feature! ;)