Football Team Bus DLC - Feedback & Wishes

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  • 24th match and my team is visible again.

    @Sami Nordlund
    It is not good news that I have to wait for so many match days until the players appear again, This is a really serious bug, because in this game we have to prepare a ride and go with the footballers to the match and not take only air into the journey, This is the main meaning this DLC.

    My saves, the invisible footballers are already from the 6th match day. This is a match away from Freiburg.

    I hope that TML-Studios will find the cause and eliminate the error of the game. If it's helpful, I can send my saves

  • Thanks for all your feedback and bug reports! Yes, it would be very helpful to send your saves to us. The best thing would be to create a new support ticket and add them as an attachment. Please also describe, what bugs you’ve encountered with which savegame (as far as you can remember).


  • My question is for a button with a question mark in the upper corner to be used, when pressing it, nothing happens and there is no way to go back. I understand that it will be an aid but it does not work for me. I have to close the game with ctrl + alt + supr.
    solve that. the language in my game if it is worth something is Spanish.

  • Hello, I have recently purchased Fernbus with all the dlcs (but not the scania's one yet). I'm loving fernbus, but not this dlc unfortunately. Everything would work better if there was the possibility of having a car available to go shopping and being able to continue to the next appointment even in the city, perhaps going to a hotel or an apartment. Already with these elements it would be more immersive and much less cumbersome. Eventually it would be nice to buy the food with the car and then have to take them inside the bus! Sorry for my english. Soon I'll write a feedback/review for fernbus, now is my favourite open world sim! I really hope that this dlc can be improved with my advice or somethig else! Thank you guys:)

  • Of course, the economy mode is planned for 2020, shops, car washes, earning money as an additional game options , I think so, but Fernbus' main game will also be present because it's what players like.

  • Of course, the economy mode is planned for 2020, shops, car washes, earning money as an additional game options , I think so, but Fernbus' main game will also be present because it's what players like.

    I really like the fernbus career mode like it is now (I love to choose from time to time the roads that I want to travel without other thoughts), but I'm also really really happy to see that in the future there will also an "economy mode"! My previous advice concerned only the football dlc. It would really make the difference have a car for doing some things that are alrealdy present such as the shopping in the personal football city or in the near city if the price is more economic. It seems unreal and not so comfortable take always the bus also for doing little things. Thank you all for your answers, it's nice to find an active community!

  • Hi all! I have bought the DLC, in the hopes that it can add some purpose to the game – where you really must take care of your bus. The DLC thus far has delivered on this, it is a pity that you have to pay extra for this privilege, some kind of an economic system should be in the base game as well. I picked Nürnberg as my team, because friends of mine live there and the team was last in the rankings. I cheer for the underdogs during every match.

    I sorted my wishes in descending order of importance.

    A way to lock/unlock the bus in a normal manner

    This is my biggest gripe with whole DLC right now, and I just find it baffling that no one fixed this. This causes me frustration every time I have to lock bus.

    To lock the bus, right now I must use the following combo which is far beyond any Mortal Kombat finisher: Switch to the view of the centre console with the proper number key. Have my left hand on the right side of steering wheel, where the button for the front door is located. Place the mouse cursor on the door lock button. Start closing the door with my left hand and click on the door lock. With my left hand quickly reach behind the wheel, find the C key, and then press W to quickly run out of the bus before the door closes.

    And now I have successfully locked myself out, no way to go back into the bus. If I forgot to lock the luggage compartments, I am out of luck. I can only get back into the bus whenever the game magically unlocks it for me.

    This is ridiculous in a simulation, please provide an easy way to lock and unlock the front door from the outside. Bus Simulator 18 has a button on the outside for the city buses, that would be any easy way. But these coaches also have remote locking, so there could be a configurable button for this. Or at least make it so that I can press the lock button, walk out, and close the door, then it is locked.

    Instant feedback and interaction

    I do not get it why the team only gives feedback after the ride and via social media. I am their driver, we should be pals who can talk openly about issues! They should tell me their problems and needs during the ride, so I can see to them. I also want what is best for them, but I am not a mind reader. Right now, we have way more interaction with random people in the normal game. I missed that very much with the team since we should be having or at least forming a tighter bond.

    Club seating for the DLC buses

    In the base game I tried out the Lion’s Coach and the Skyliner for one route each, but the former is now an outdated model, and driving double deckers always gives me a cramped feeling. I was there at the world premiere of the ComfortClass in ’12 and have loved the previous gen as well, so I have been mainly using the CC for FBS. I would love to use the addon buses with the DLC as well, but they do not have a club seating option and the huge kitchen. It should not be a great hurdle to add the option to the other buses, as that is only some interior reshuffling and two new 3D models for each bus type (table and kitchen). And this move would increase their value to owners and their appeal to potential customers.

    Things I mentioned in the wishes thread

    The report tool I mentioned for FBS map errors would have a much greater use for the players of the DLC by eliminating trees or signs from the middle of the road and with that the unnecessary repair costs. The fuel consumption and wear & tear could also be a big addition in this game mode to make it more realistic.