Update 24 BETA now available

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  • Finally! Update 24 BETA is here! We fixed those pesky trees on the streets, stabilized the performance with fewer lags and even added a new city! See the complete changelog down below.

    Please make a backup copy of your save game before changing to BETA Update 24. Due to the new engine version, savegames are not compatible between Fernbus Simulator 1.23 and Fernbus Simulator 1.24. Under C:\Users\BENUTZERNAME\AppData\Local\Fernbus\Saved you can copy the folder "SaveGame" or create a backup.


    ATTENTION: This is a BETA update. Technical problems, instability of the game as well as bugs during gameplay can be possible.

    How to install the beta version of the update?

    Quite easily:

    1. In your Library, you click with the right mouse button on the entry of the "Fernbus Simulator"
    2. In the drop-menu, you click on the entry "Properties"
    3. In the window "Fernbus Simulator - Properties" you select the tab "BETAS"
    4. In the field "Select the beta you would like to opt into:" select the entry "beta-"
    5. Now you can close the window and the beta version of the update should download right away
    6. After downloading the update you can start the Fernbus Simulator via the "PLAY" button
    7. In the main menu should now be the corresponding version number of the beta version of the update and you can test the update



    • Performance stabilisations (fewer lags)
    • Fixed vegetation bugs (trees on the road, etc.)
    • New photo mode added (Home key)
    • New city added: Flensburg

    • Fixed lag when changing web radio stations
    • Vegetation shader updated
    • Autumn colors of the vegetation have been restored and updated
    • Animation of the vegetation updated (especially during "storm")
    • The braking power of the buses has been updated
    • ABS of the buses has been updated
    • Localization errors have been corrected
    • Highway construction sites in northern Germany updated
    • Other minor bugs have been fixed

    DLC Scania Touring

    • Luggage hatches no longer open and close randomly while checking in passengers
    • Missing switches have been added to the dashboard
    • Fixed bug where the passenger's feet were in the first row on the right in the partition
    • The entire temperature display is visible again

    DLC MAN Lion's Intercity

    • Fixed a bug that caused the non-existent toilet to be shown as not working

    DLC BB40

    • Fixed a bug that caused objects to appear in the headlights
    • Fixed a bug that caused flashes of light on the window panes and navigation screen
    • Rain no longer runs along the inside of the door
    • Fixed a bug that caused the dashboard to be blurred
    • 100% service rating should now be possible again

    DLC Luxembourg

    • Luxembourg license plates added
    • Luxembourg police car added



    Changelog 1.24.31116

    • Fixed crash when changing to main menu
    • Fixed a crash which occured at runtime
    • Autosave function added with adjustable interval
    • Distance fields added
    • Fixed some graphical bugs with Distance Field
    • Fixed dimensions of some levels to improve streaming
    • Fixed bugs in the roadmap
    • Fixed malfunctioning speed traps
    • Fixed some other vegetation bugs
    • Fixed localization errors and added missing localizations
    • More minor bug fixes

    DLC Football Team Bus

    • Fixed a crash when a saved game existed.



    Changelog 1.24.31224

    • Some performance improvements
    • corrected errors in the material allocation of the LODs for AI vehicles
    • Bug fixed in connection with the Post Processor, which caused the lighting to be too bright
    • Bug fixed that opened bus doors and hatches in arcade mode automatically when stopped
    • localization errors connected
    • minor bugfixes

    DLC VDL Futura

    • geometry error in cockpit fixed



    Changelog 1.24.31333

    • Fixed the brightness of the post-processing during day and night
    • Fixed steering errors when exiting photo mode
    • Fixed some graphical bugs
    • Fixed some vegetation bugs
    • Added a slider for depth of field in graphics options
    • Added buttons in the main menu, which will open the TML forum or TML support in the web browser
    • The material of the sun blind is now visible again in the action cam
    • Symbols ares now deactivated correctly when a vehicle is inside the marker

    DLC VDL Futura

    • Geometry error in the cockpit fixed

    DLC Switzerland / Austria

    • Navigation of the route from Linz to Graz fixed

    DLC Luxembourg

    • Fixed a couple of graphical errors

    DLC Neoplan Skyliner

    • Fixed incorrect engine sound while driving with the 3rd person camera



    Changelog 1.24.31507

    • Final preparations for new city in Germany: Flensburg
    • Additional graphic bugs fixed
    • Added new option for customizable colors of repaints
    • Added display of the active gear in the Minimap HUD
    • Fixed material allocation error for small trucks

    DLC France

    • Light performance optimisations in Paris

    DLC Scania Touring

    • Collision of all variants update



    Changelog 1.24.31592

    • Additional graphical fixes
    • The vehicle is now no longer reported as off road on the A7 motorway from Flensburg towards Kiel
    • Improved lighting of the bus stop in Freiburg at night

    DLC Scania Touring

    • Fixed reflection of mirrors



    Changelog 1.24.31661

    • Additional graphical fixes

    DLC Scania Touring

    • AI vehicles will check the busses collision correctly again now



    Changelog 1.24.31709

    • AI traffic now correctly checks the collision of all vehicles
    • Additional graphical fixes

    DLC BB40

    • Fixed some material allocations of LODs

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  • Quarney

    Approved the thread.
  • Very good changes thank you is now what to test and there is a new city I will download the version and then I will give a report I hope that the water inside BB 40 on the floor is already fixed , good work TML STUDIOS :):thumbup:

  • Yes, please leave your comments, feedback, reports etc. here or in the German equivalent. Please remember, we will be back on Monday to answer questions and do some support. Have a great weekend!

  • Fernbus BETA 1.24.31020


    - Floor/aisle in Scania Touring DLC is broken when "winter" is selected, snow renders inside on the floor/aisle (Screenshot 1).

    - Indicator sounds are mismatched/broken in Scania Touring DLC.

    - Windows on Scania Touring DLC busses are rendering incorrectly (Screenshot 2). please see below Timo / Quarney

    - AI Truck textures are broken/incorrectly rendering.

    - Game crashes when attempting to overwrite a old savegame (should we delete the old save games?).

    - Game crashes when returning to the main menu (yes i am aware this is logged as an issue and is to be rectified before full release).

    - France DLC still buggy/laggy, especially in and around Paris.


    - Radio no longer has lag when changing to a live station.

    - Missing Streets in Lille Fixed.

    - Trees be gone!


    - City of Flensburg is really nice.

    Screenshot 1-

    Screenshot 2-

    Kind Regards.

  • Hi Cuzzy

    We´ll test the issue with overwriting old savegames. Saving new savegames/not overwriting worked?

    Trucks switching textures is a known issue, will be fixed.

    We´ll also have a look at the Snow inside the bus, thanks!

  • I created a new save game called "1.24 BETA" and was able to overwrite successfully, but attempting to overwrite a savegame created in 1.23 causes the game to crash.

    Kind Regards.

  • Hi TIMO!

    I played for about twenty minutes with the new update FBS and this is the problems what I met.

    The results, I will send the link below , because is too big to upload in attachment.


    I know this is beta v. but I think I will help with this information for better function.

    Have nice day!

    Best regards! WFL

  • I can' enter to the Football DLC, the game always crashing.

    Is it possible to make it somehow to working the old save games? Its not easy to start the DLC again, because I started few months ago.

  • -The vegetation looks more lively and realistic. :thumbup:

    -Likewise, I felt it was more realistic in its shadows. :thumbup:

    -Freezing problem when changing radio channels has been solved. :thumbup:

    -I think there is a drop in FPS while driving at night.:thumbdown:

    -The new city is beautiful.:thumbup:

    -FPS starts to drop for a while after taking screenshots in photo mode.:thumbdown:

    -Have not seen any improvement at the overall FPS level, but the drops have decreased.

    -Vibration occurs under the left and right mirror of the Scania bus. But only on the move. You cannot understand unless the vehicle is moving.


    strange tracks appear on the back of the vehicle.

    the foggy look is really annoying. I can't see the sun and clouds. Everything is white. Please solve this problem for a cleaner and colorful look.

    before updating.

    After the update, the sky looks like this now. Really disappointing ...The moon that I admire its sparkle is now a photograph.:(

    ( Before updating )

    While I cannot see the sun clearly as before, I cannot see the moon clearly now. The bluish clouds that I liked very much at night have disappeared. Frankly, I will be very sorry if the night view stays like this.X/

    As with the left mirror, there is a difference between the image and the actual one.

    In the Flensburg garage, traffic jams occur as passengers land on the road.

  • What about fixes for VDL? For me in this update this coach works worse than in 1.23 (Microstuttering) but in this time everywhere, even in Germany. In 1.23 i have stuttering only in France in certain areas, Lille for example.

    My specs : Intel I7-7700HQ , GTX 1050 , 8gb ddr4.

  • The update introduces very good changes but also some errors, however, I will start with errors :

    1. All buses and minibus BB 40 , in automatic door control mode, when we take passengers, door opens automatically in each place for this photo and movie, please fix. They should always be closed only at the stop to open is a mistake .

    2.The water on every bus and BB 40 on the floor have talked about it for a long time, please repair.

    3. The night is too dark please brighten night .

    4. No translation into Polish , Photo mode , Photo mode UI Show/Hide

    5. No dynamic weather change.

    6. fog during the day spoils the image, please dellete fog.

    I agree here with raport Kadimbey , the night is too dark, the fog during the day, if you like it so much TML STUDIOS add options on the slider excluding fog. there is also too much bright white day.

    Positive changes very beautiful graphics and tree vegetation objects and colors I like it :), autumn trees change ,very pretty city of Flensburg.

    there is also an improvement in performance and the game loading screen shows cool photos it is a pity that the subtitles in it are only English .

    If you correct what I have shown and wrote, I and my colleagues will be a great version of the game.:thumbup:

  • I think there is a shadow error in some places.

    trees look different from afar different closely. Snowy weather.

    there is less whiteness and fog in the snowy weather. A situation that I cannot make sense of. I will play in snowy weather until the problem is fixed.:/

    -The angle of the sun's falling on the earth should be checked on an hourly basis. I have to feel the sun's rays more at 12.00, but it is ineffective. There is the same problem in the summer.

    -two photos were taken at the same place at the same time. However, when I raise the camera angle, the image turns white and sucks. The same white image occurs while driving through the bus.

    Cars turn lost in the first lane turning right.

  • Fernbus 1.24.31020

    First impressions after 36 Hours:-

    Update 24 BETA is a much better version than Update 23 OFFICIAL RELEASE is, whilst there are improvements that can be made, I overall believe that this is by far the best version of Fernbus since Update 19 (which was released way back in September 2018), it's more fluid, better optimised, and overall a lot smoother that Update 23 is right now, however DLC France suffers still from laggy/glitchy/buggy performance issues, but this is mostly limited to Paris.

    I firmly believe that Update 24 signals a new start for Fernbus and it is in this vein that future updates should be based off of.


    - Scania Touring DLC flooring is rendering snow.

    - Scania Touring DLC indicators do not work correctly.

    - Scania Touring DLC Retarder activates on command then does not deactivate when you accelerate sometimes.

    - Scania Touring DLC Hitbox of the coaches is incorrect, causing incorrect collisions/collision notifications/penalty points when there are no such collisions actually occurring.

    - DLC France poor optimisations, laggy/glitchy/buggy in Paris.

    - A road is broken in Free DLC Luxembourg (Screenshot Included).

    Broken Road in Free DLC Luxembourg -

    Kind Regards.

  • The solution is for those who are in the update 24 too light and a lot of white. We set the post-processing setting to an average indicator, this will remove excess light and even increase productivity. In the first screenshot, the post processing is set to epic, in the second screenshot for the average settings. Enjoy your game friends.:)

  • The solution is for those who are in the update 24 too light and a lot of white.

    I am a little disappointed that the distance field system has not been introduced as it is done in Tourist Bus.

    A perspective picture of the world would be much better