Fernbus Coach Simulator: Your wishes and ideas

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  • Can someone confirm wether i am blind or my screen is f*****, am i the only one who's steering wheel aint centeret/aligned to the screen? it's always a little bit to the left of the center of the screen when pressing 2?

    best regards

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    Dude, one last time: we are not pretending that the game doesn't have errors or I don't know what. I don't get why you just don't stop bullying around and let us do our job.

    I was just having some fun in that last post - if you check your grammar, you'll notice that you wrote that I as a person has to be optimized, and not the game. I find that funny. Ha.

  • Chris i heard/saw you in squirrel interview stuff thingy... you mate DO need to be optimized XD.... funny as hell interview with semi english german babble dutch french total confusement from time to time XD...

    however thank you for bringing a super game to the table, cant wait for it to hit that 100% working product you guys dreamed of from the start.

    Best Regards from denmark (annoying little brother from the north :P)

  • I'm not sure if this has already been implemented:
    Dynamic Events relating to Real Life

    For example, during the season of GamesCon many more passengers will travel to Cologne and during Oktoberfest to Bavaria. Obviously that means we will have to implement times of year, or this can be like Bus Simulator 2016 and occur at random, but not very often.

  • Please have more city varieties. I notice that some cities are duplicates. I would like to see more coach stations too.

    Can we have set timetables for Flixbus routes so we could run like a proper Flixbus driver. So say 10am everyday is a bus from Berlin to Frankfurt (I dont know the routes) and then at Frankfurt we get a 45 min break. Kind of like duties. The current thing has no consistency and I dont like it. Can we also have an ingame destination changer. Like in Omsi where we put all the destinations into one file then in game we input the numbers to get the dest. That would be really cool.

    Loading phone doesnt pause game!!! Please can we just have a phone which we can use without the game being paused.

    Passengers actually walk onto bus. The disappearing thing isnt fab. I am not a fan of it.

    Stadiums and events like festivals so we can do private hire or like contracted services to and from events as these places

    Passengers walk towards the bus when it arrives. No one stands the other end of the bus stop when their bus is in. Not like bombard the door but just walk closer.

    I also mirror what others have asked for like ETA so we can adjust driving style and the more rest stops/skip time mean break. All that I fully agree with.

  • Please, Please, Please think ahead and decide on the features you will definitely include.

    Then let everyone know. Roadmap, confirmed features list or something.

    Please do this soon,

    thank you.

    P.S. Great game potential is HUGE!

  • I find that the Xbox one controller compability could be improved because it is way to sensitive. Maybe add a slide bar with sensitivity?

    Maybe they should also add other bus brands eg Setra, Van Hool

    Will they also add other countries like Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark or France? As Flixbus operates there too.

  • Hi everyone !The game is already well on the day of its release, and developers continue to work on it is really Great.Personally, I think it would add a touch of realism .....When passengers are accepted, they teleport into the bus. I think its they should move and enter the bus as us with our character. That would be Great if it is added.In addition, (but I think that should happen sooner or later) I think it would add different bus brands. This would add even more realism.And also add multiplayer would be a breakthrough for the game but his pass it for later.For me the most important right now is the passenger travel.Thank you to the developers and TLM Studios for reading my post, I hope my suggestions will please you ...Sincerely,Lotus