macOS Version?

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  • Hello TML,
    There are currently only two bus games for the macOS, which are Bus Driver and Bus Simulator 16.
    You have already published so many of them like City Bus Simulator 2010, City Bus Simulator Munich, Bus Simulator 2012, Bus & Cable Car Simulator, and last but not certainly not least: :fernbus: Fernbus Coach Simulator. Now, since you upgraded to the Unreal 4 Engine, that means much better graphics and much more things in general. I know that the Unreal engine can export for Mac.
    And I also know that you'd be missing out on so many customers (like me) if you only offer a Windows version.
    Now, I don't know what you'd have to do that your game would support Mac, but please, I just know that you'd be getting much more customers if you'd also offer a Mac version.

    Best Regards,

  • A lot of game creators don't release games for Mac. This is because Macs are not made for gaming.
    Their hardware isn't good for gaming/playing demanding games.
    I really don't think Fernbus would run smoothly on average settings on a Mac.

    • Official Post

    As already mentioned, it is generally possible to create Mac versions of our games as we use Unreal now (see My Paper Boat).
    But ... It is definitely not that easy. Now there are very powerful Mac systems out there by now, but still they are different than PC systems. The game would have to be optimized for Mac hardware and macOS software, which is not easy at all.

    We do know that there is a small demand on our games on Mac, and we continuously consider it for every game that we develop. Maybe we will generally support Mac in future, but then again, bringing our games onto consoles would have a higher priority.

    Best workaround for now: install Windows on your Mac with BootCamp.