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  • FBS_Update23_EN.jpg

    Finally! Our DLC France is out of early access and now officially released!

    We also fixed the trees and bushes on the streets and in the air. We fixed the gravitational issue. We optimized the performance. We made preparations for several upcoming DLC's. And so much more. Take a look at the changelog:

    • Performance optimisations
    • Gravitation bug of the player vehicle fixed
    • World lighting system updated
    • Fixed connection of highway near Kaiserslautern
    • Experimental Multi-Display Feature updated
    • Some crashes on game start and during game sessions fixed
    • Refraction artefact on MAN Lion's Coach windshield fixed
    • Some Fatal Errors crashes on game start and during gameplay fixed
    • Christmas street light decorations fixed
    • Level Art fixes
    • Fixed bug in terrain materials
    • Fixed AI bus windshield transparency
    • Vehicle selection updated - vehicles are now categorized by manufacturer

    NewVehicleSelection_01.jpg NewVehicleSelection_02.jpg

    • Game options menu divided into categories

    Game Options categorized.jpg

    • Detection of double assignment of shortcuts

    Key Binding Conflict 1.jpg Key Binding Conflict 2.jpg

    • Event Center in Berlin added

    Event Center on map.jpg

    • Added icon for sights with description on the world map

    Sights on map.jpg

    • Final preparations for DLC Scania Touring
    • Final preparations for DLC BB40
    • Final preparations for new free card DLC

    DLC France

    • Performance optimisations in cities
    • Performance optimisations on highways and state roads
    • Plenty of level art bugs fixes in cities
    • Plenty of level art bugs fixes along highways and state roads
    • Route map fixes for world map
    • Route map fixes for navigation and AI traffic
    • Names and words on signs and boards fixed
    • Some license plates of the player's vehicle were not working for certain cities when those were chosen as the home town
    • Level Art fixes
    • Added icon for toll stations on the world map

    DLC France_TollStations.jpg

    DLC Rhine Gorge

    • Performance optimisations
    • Plenty of level art bug fixes
    • Added name of the city of Rüdesheim am Rhein to the world map
    • Route map fixes for world map
    • Route map fixes for navigation and AI traffic
    • Invisible wall in Koblenz fixed
    • Speed limits updated

    DLC MAN Lion's Intercity

    • Passengers complain about non-active reading lights although the vehicle has none
  • After reading the entire log of changes and works I have to say one hats off for TML STUDIOS this is a very big job done on the plus side I am surprised by these changes and thank you very much I will be driving today and give feedback, I hope MAN LION INTERCITY windshield at night will not flash in the next update :)

    interesting changes are the alphabetical division of buses, the level of detection of double settings, repair of gravity, lighting of the game and everything that is listed here. performance I would have to write everything described in the work log here. :)

    • Official Post

    Fernbus 1.23.29827

    - Hope This fixes a lot of issues we was reporting, a lot of hard graft and time has gone into this BETA, not only by the guys and girls at TML Studios, but also us BETA testers, between everyone at TML Studios and the BETA testers, let’s hope our collective efforts have paid off.

    Quarney - Did the Braking issues get fixed, it wasn’t mentioned in the change log.

    Kind Regards.

  • I have also reported it several times whether bus brakes have been repaired under gravity Quarney ,

    so as not to write on many threads I will ask the second question: will the Scania bus be realistic sound? and whether there will be real sounds changes for all buses.

  • Hi,

    yes the brakes are fixed in releation to the gravity issue.

    We like the Scania sounds, but you will be soon able to hear it for yourself. Other busses are in the works, but will take a little longer

  • Gravity is also included with the braking system, good .

    Scania sound - is realistic so it is already a BB 40 sound technique ?:/

    If you introduce a sound in every bus as real as BB 40, it will be a complete simulator from the driving and sound side , it's worth waiting for these new sound features :):thumbup::fernbus:

    I hope Scania has realistic sound in the new technology and maybe something more to say about it Quarney will tell us .

    Allow me a certain saying about which few people know. Gil mk0 creates buses and sounds and the game also in OMSI 2 sees perfectly all the perfect sound of buses there and I think that since it makes such beautiful models it will also make realistic sounds, the proof is BB 40 already and answer Quarney other buses are being prepared, but it will take a while. It's good that TML STUDIOS sees what we players think that the sound in such a game is just as important as physics, models and graphics, all harmonized will be a professional driving simulator using the steering wheel. Bus licenses are also a great commitment to sound. TML should be happy that it has such vehicle brands also because it is a global achievement, it should also be enjoyed by the large number of players and good opinions and activities on the forum, and players should enjoy bus and minibus riding.

  • When will the DLC BB40 be released ? in the end, hopefully the long wait time on the menu has come to an end. Is there any study on daytime view ? Quarney

    also, The manual gearbox is one of the most important features we all expect.

    edit : Finally, what about the work of Mod tools? Quarney Timo

  • I am glad that there are no more flashes of reflections of the headlights on the windshield in Lion`s Intercity and that is why I planned a trip on this Nice-Brest bus route through Paris (about 1500 km) and I will report if there are any errors on the map.

    Thank you TML-Studios for this update.

  • Flashes night bus MAN LION INTERCITY - it is all the time it is planned only to fix the next update it was said on the forum.

    When the light in the cabin is on, the flash in the window front is always when driving at night juls2008

    Please Fix 1.23 Fernbus

    All buses of every brand and model always return to position 1 after the change


    no images in MOD


    the night is definitely too dark, little can be seen the night, brighten the image at night.



    A lot has improved beautiful picture :):thumbup: good performance and much more good work TML STUDIOS, just take into account these glitches what I gave thank you.

  • Fernbus , Tourist already has very good reviews in steam for me it's the best games buses, a lot of people play and likes today was a very good update, in December a lot of surprises including Scania and free BB 40 , a lot of people on the forum and like TML games, I hope you will also appreciate the buses are getting better, the rewards are not important, the joy of driving.

  • I like the contrast adjustment on the menu. Now everyone will adjust the brightness and contrast best for themselves

    It seems to me that you can better see objects in the mirror from a greater distance, and the image is more natural. I will check it while driving at night.

    • Official Post

    Fernbus 1.23.29872


    - MAN Lions Coach C repaint issues, textures display all black.

    - Sound Issues (when driving sometimes all sounds will not be heard apart from coach engine) please fix 1.23 Fernbus.

    - Off road notification on a road in Biarritz.

    - 2 Speed limit signs indication 70 KPH on a road near Bielefeld (screenshots included)

    Screenshot (19).png

    Screenshot (20).png

    Improvements Needed:-

    - DLC France optimisations still needed, laggy in some places.

    - Game Optimisations, particularly within cities (due to lagging/glitching/poor performance/optimisations)

    - AI vehicles need to be more respectful towards the player coach, not pulling out on them and blocking intersections when no clear path ahead.

    - AI vehicles spawning distance needs to be expanded greatly, so vehicles are not spawning/de-spawning around the player coach.

    - hitbox of the player coach needs to be reduced, AI vehicles won't pass the player coach even when there is enough room, when player coach is stopped at bus stop/traffic lights intersection/fuel station.

    Kind Regards.

  • Fernbus 1.23.29872

    - While waiting for further development of the suspensions, I felt it was not working properly. :thumbdown:

    - There is some improvement in daytime view. We expect better.

    - Many bus headlights work as a single stage. All should be checked again.

    - There's no improvement in bus physics. On the contrary, it was negatively affected. Buses are accelerating faster. Who asked you to change that? buses move heavier than normal vehicles.

    - I didn't see any improvement in FPS.

    - The mirror of the VDL bus is still in the air. It bothers my eyes.

    - Engine sound disappears when we release the accelerator pedal. This is a very serious mistake. I hope you take this seriously now.

    - Long time traffic lights are still annoying.

    - I opened a topic for the VDL bus and reported its errors. However, one of the rear taillights still does not light up. Please review the original vehicle.

    - retarder does not provide sufficient deceleration.

    - Optimization is still required for DLC France. There is a need for optimization in the citys throughout the game.

    - When we press the 'start game' and 'settings' button in the menu, there is a long waiting time.

    - While waiting for the game to open, we expect too much on the loading screen. it's boring. It may take 5-10 minutes to enter the game. Sometimes that's why I even stop playing.

    - For each bus, setting camera at the beginning of the game is tiring. Each bus must have a separate camera angle profile and these settings should be applied automatically upon re-entry after recording.

    Game physics is the most important thing to me. It is compulsory for a bus to oscillate on both sides and up and down. If we are optimistic, the current suspensions are at the level of 1/3.

    1) Vehicle sounds :?:

    2) Bus Physics - Suspension - Controls :?:

    3) Manual gear :?:

    4) Daytime view :?:

    are the features that need the most priority development. if you focus on these issues quickly, the more players start playing FBS. Without these issues being solved, it would be pointless to add more maps and buses to the game. I would prefer 5 buses with good physics instead of 10 buses with poor physics and controls.