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  • Hi!

    Some time ago the German Ministry for traffic and infrastructure advertised a grant for computer games. Developer studios from all over Germany could register. We were one of them and well, we got the funding :) We are very happy and curious what you will think of the upcoming title.

    You can get a little impression on the BMVI page, but we don't want to reveal that much yet. Suffice it to say: It won't be a simulation game, it will be released for the console, our other titles will continue to run and be developed according to plan.

    #DeadMansDiary ☠️☢️

  • Congratulations on receiving funding! Very interesting, it won't be a simulator. It's not entirely clear what this new game is and where can you watch it? Will it be released only on consoles or on PC too? Give a link where you can see it ?!:huh::huh::huh:8|8|8| Or is this a prank for Halloween?

  • image_2020-10-14_165037.png

    Post-apocalyptic survival game

    Beneficiary TML-EDITION GmbH, Erfurt

    Content In the game, the player must survive a post-apocalyptic scenario, which is equipped with various obstacles and puzzles. The player has to ensure the survival of his protagonist, to provide him with food and drink, to make sure that he remains protected from the radioactive radiation. During the game he will learn that he has to find a bunker in order to reactivate it and get it working. There will be different puzzles to be solved all over the world.

    Funding amount € 200,000.00

    Duration from 09/01/2020 to 08/31/2021

    I'm shocked! Is this really true ?! I love these games!

  • Quarney The community will immediately ask how the development of Dead Man's Diary will affect the development of Fernbus Simulator, Tourist Bus Simulator and The BUS?

    TML-Studios is a small studio and there are fears that the resources will not be enough for Fernbus Simulator, Tourist Bus Simulator and The BUS and this will slow down their development.

    Please comment on this question as I am expecting an explosion in the community.

  • I already did. Please read the last sentence of my original comment. We didn't go there without a plan, so the community has to trust us on that. BTW. due to Corona, the funding got postponed till now, so that's how it is now. We wished for a better timing as well, but so far, everything is according to plan.

  • Quarney Thanks for the answer. I carefully read everything that was written and saw that everything would go according to plan, but I asked again, in order to know exactly what to answer when I was asked the same question. Now I am sure that everything will be fine.

    Some time ago I wrote here on the forum about the game of my dreams and Dead Man's Diary looks like what I wanted. If you add transportation by buses to everything, then it will definitely be her! Dreams Come True!

    A Dream Game.

  • Now I will not be able to sleep well, because there are many questions about Dead Man's Diary.

    Will it be a multiplayer project or a single player? Will it be something like DeyZ or The Last of Us? Will there be buses or other vehicles in the game in some form? Will it be an open world or is it a corridor game? Will the game be released on consoles of the new generation or the old one? Will the game be out on PC? Will there be weapons and craft in the game? Will there be mutants, zombies or something similar. Possibly the game will be somewhat similar to S.T.A.L.K.E.R. or Metro? There are a lot of questions, but we will probably not get answers soon.

    p.s. screenshot from Metro game.


  • Wow. This is news 8| I would of course congratulate TML-Studios on this great event :) :thumbup:

    I am very pleased that this year 2020 has been and continues to be very eventful in terms of events for TML-Studios and for all players (for us). It is too early to sum up the results of the year ^^, so I would like to express my joy for you :)

    Actually, I'm a big fan of only bus and trolleybus simulators. There are no games of any other genre in my collection.

    If I have free time and I want to spend it on my favorite game on the PC, then I launch one of my favorite simulators.

    This is why I am very wary of every simulator I want to buy :/

    Because for me this is not a game for a couple of months, but a product for almost a lifetime <3:saint: Many will probably think that I'm crazy ^^:D :thumbup:

    I don't like shooters, shooting games, and similar games. But I'm glad that TML-Studios has a new goal, which is supported by other players on our forum who love this genre ;)

    And this is valuable! :thumbup:

    TML-Studios! Continue to delight us with new ideas, great news and please continue to support the existing (upcoming) simulators.

    There are many more interesting things ahead of us all 8o

    As always, only with the best wishes, Denis Varlamov! :)

  • After reading the article from the newspaper, it became clear what DMD would be like.

    We appear in the game world from a bunker. We will play in the first person, there will be no shooting in the game, there will also be many puzzles and notes in the game telling us an interesting story. The main test for the player will be radiation. In the end, it will still be a simulator - a game in the genre of "walking simulator" with an interesting story.

    In my memory, there are several decent games in this genre:

    Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture


    The Vanishing of Ethan Carter


    Layers of Fear

    Gone Home

    What Remains of Edith Finch

    Death Stranding

    Maybe I'm wrong and the DMD will be completely different.:/