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  • As I wrote earlier, we dont need any DLC at this moment. Now, in 1st position must be optimization of performance and bug fixes. Thats what we need at this dev stage.
    When all players who have medium PC's will have stable 40-55 fps, we will waiting for DLC's, new features, etc.

  • Since the beginning of the game I talked about optimizing the game to do it but what you present is very important including the DLC because I want to have new buses and maps not only me but also the players on world.Points have presented are important. You do not need to make a new game, Fernbus do as we say and will be around Chris. Listen to the people who know their stuff and realism. Never make a good game if one focuses already on another new great game the SCS SOFTWARE See how does the game is developing all the time and does not focus on new trucks , you say you are bored with Fernbus a great error . Made what we say and optimization, the game most likes will be a gain for us and for you. You do not need a new game at all. I greet and thank you Chris Martin Poland.

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    fernbus will be on the back of the line

    It will definitely not, as I said in the DevDiary.

    @all: We know, we know, and we know! We are working on optimizing this game, we are working on giving it better performance, we are working on AI buses and pedestrians, we are working on getting DLCs out with new buses, etc, etc, etc. ... Just keep it mind that it just isn't possible so fast! We're really working hard and very long every day, sometimes even on weekends, just to bring out new updates as soon as possible. Give us some time and PLEASE have some patience.

    Also, do trust in us that even if we're working on a new project now, Fernbus will not be disadvantaged. All I have to say for that has been said here:

    As I've mentioned in the DevDiary, Fernbus will also profit quite a lot from the new game that is in parallel development now. Including to that, there's also a slightly psychological aspect to consider: The core developers haven't seen anything else than Fernbus all day long, and there comes a point where you could feel sick of it. Starting a new game gives a new set of motivation and energy to create something great, using the experience from Fernbus that suddenly makes developing much easier, as we're used to Unreal now. This motivation will also flow into Fernbus, and will keep us working on it for a long term. We have a big goal for this game, and we're not even close to it yet. There will be much more to come, but until then, we need a bit of time, as well as patience and support from the community. Including to that, we do have a plan for the new game to make sure it doesn't get released as buggy, as Fernbus has.

    Have a great weekend, everyone!

  • @UndergroundBerlin If I can help at all with english announcements, passengers talking or anything like that, let me know. I cant script, model or anything like that but I can do simple stuff if you want any help.

  • Hello everyone, first of all I must say that I have wanted for years to be a coach driver -although in real life my own career was very different- and thank to your simulator I get a very accurate impression of that. So I must congratulate all the team for the great job you've done. I would like to encourage all of you to continue improving the game and not despair after so much negative criticism. It is clear that this coach simulation is a totally new unexplored world and of course, some mistakes can be made. I understand it is imposible to make everybody happy with the product.

    So far, you all know how demanding your simulator is, I can confess that in order to make it run as fast as it should, I renewed my 6 year-old pc and got a brand new one, powerfull enough to make the game work. Thank god, it Works!!!

    After 80 hours playing, I would like to let you know a recurring bug I find: Every time there is a road junction in which you have to yield way to oncoming vehicles, traffic stops and force me to get off-road in order to continue my route.

    I attach a screenshot where you can check that and another problem I would like to report as well: driving times after 4 hours or so make the game schedule strange time-tables as you can see on my route Friburgh - Munich. I think it deals with driving times...

    Some suggestions for future features:

    - As some people said, would it be possible to use the media player onboard to play music while driving? I do it using the windows media-player at the background but I think you could do something nicer about it, couldn't you?

    - The GPS could be improved by changing its range according to speed, sometimes I am obliged to be very rude on the turning because I cannot see the direction with sufficient time. It would be also great to be able to set, manually, alternative routes on the GPS on those cases the road is blocked and we should take an alternative way or we just want to rest on a fuel station...

    - In real life, drivers divide long routes so that they can drive half the route and then take over another coach going back home. I think it could be intereting to have something like that. Have you also considered the possibility of incorporating a second AI driver so that he helps you to rest part of the route and you take it over again when you're fresher?

    I know you listen to the community so there are some ideas you might consider if you think they're useful.

    I wouln't like to finish without saying (after all this long post - sorry for that guys, but it is my first time I post here and I got really addicted to the game) that I am looking forward to drive the magnificent Neoplan Skyliner and meeting other coaches and buses while driving. Thank you Chris and all the team for your great effort and let me tell you that among all the shouting and negative criticizing, there are people like me, who want to be bus drivers, in a virtual world and thank your simulator have been able to make this dream true.

    All the best.


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  • Do you have an ETA for the next patch?

    Maybe Friday i think.

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  • thanks for the feedback Chris. a news update letting everyone know the status might be good as i don't know if everyone comes to this thread.

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  • Does anyone know how to stop at Frankfurt Airport? I stopped in both marked bays but no one gets off the bus and there are never any passengers waiting. Please help.

  • Good evening Chris! @UndergroundBerlin and tml! I hope you have a good day! Have a short question
    an update on the level editor? any arrival time for that? Hope you have a good next month! i love your game! and your DEV Diary! :) icant wait for the

    level editor /Map editor! :) and the next bus sim :) Have a great night and sleep well! best wishes to all of you! And good luck with all your games!Keep doing a great job! :) from /Robert .S in Sweden aka. DJ R.S -2016-

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    Hey @djrs2016ofsweden,

    thanks for your words! We're currently working on preparing the modding tools for Fernbus Coach Simulator for a soon release. As soon as we have more information, we will share it with you here in our forums and in the DevDiaries. :)


  • I got a new desktop recently that should be able to run the game but when I installed it from my steam library I can't even launch it....I found that there seems to be a runtime.DLL file that's missing so how can I get this file replaced? I tried checking to verify the game cache via steam but it doesn't say any files are missing please help!!