Presenting: The BUS

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  • Hey everyone,

    we're very proud to present "The BUS": The next generation of bus simulation games.

    Until now, you might have heard about this game under the name "Project: CBS_Berlin". This is our current major project of a city bus simulation game with an interactive multiplayer system. Today, we want to give you an overview of the included features. We've prepared a video live from Gamescom 2017 in Cologne with a few in game shots. Please note that this video is in German though. Subtitles will be added shortly after Gamescom.


    • Scania Citywide LF 18M (BVG GN16)
      - Articulated bus
      - Passengers walking in and out of the bus
      - Interactive ticket sale
      - Automatic gear box
      - Monitor to switch between several surveillance cameras in the bus
      - Repaints possible
    • More busses planned as DLCs, including MAN and VDL models.
    • Several bus lines included:
      - Line TXL: Flughafen Tegel - S+U Alexanderplatz/Memhardstr.
      - Line 100: Hertzallee (S+U Zoologischer Garten) - S+U Alexanderplatz/Memhardstr.
      - Line 200: Hertzallee (S+U Zoologischer Garten) - Michelangelostr.
      - Line 245: Hertzallee (S+U Zoologischer Garten) - Robert-Koch-Platz
    • Multiplayer
      - Players can choose between driving and working in the Control Center
      - Join the ride in the bus of another player
      - Change of shifts
    • Interactive Control Center
      - Manage and organize shift plans
      - Events can be created dynamically or manually, such as bus replacement services
      - Radio service between drivers and Control Center
    • Economic system
      - Establish your own company
      - Ticket prizes can be individually set
      - Vehicles have to regularly be maintained and repaired
      - Bus fleet and staff can be managed (AI or other players)
    • Modding for levels
      - Existing city can be extended
      - Neu cities can be created
    • Modding for vehicles
      - New vehicles can be added and set up

    Release date: To be announced.

    In the coming DevDiaries, we will show off all of the features and much more. We can't wait to hear your feedback.

    Best regards,

  • Very cool, cant wait to play this. World seems to be much more alive than fernbus (which is understandable considering the scale of fernbus)

  • Some more info translated by a friend:

    The Bus is more or less a sequel of the Citybus games since 2010.
    The environment was photographed and partially surveyed, and modelled from scratch up to the suburbs.
    The game will hopefully be published in slightly more than a year.
    Scania cooperate where they can.
    The bus manufacturers were generally very cooperative.
    Modders can make vehicles and maps.
    All cockpit elements can be operated and are animated and illuminated.
    Monitors etc. in the bus can be operated.
    There will be a professional and an arcade setting.
    In the arcade version, various elements like opening the doors, ticketing or activating the parking brake will be automatic.
    Compared to Fernbus, AI traffic was much improved and the traffic light system is now more realistic.
    The game supports wheel, keyboard and game controller steering.
    The bellows of the articulated bus are 1:1 physically modelled, not just a texture.
    The team made sound recordings at the BVG grounds for a whole day.
    Multiplayer will be real cooperation as a team, not just a lot of independent bus drivers on the same map.
    It is planned to implement a persistent online world. This depends on the investors too.
    Despite better graphics thanks to Unreal, system requirements are better than in Fernbus.
    There will be a cooperative economy system.
    Multiplayer was developed first, then the simulator.
    Players can do shift changeovers live at the bus stop.
    At the depot, dispatchers can manage lots of things on screens and communicate with drivers using an integrated VoIP client. Events like accidents and rail replacement services can be included.
    Players can build virtual bus companies and hire AI or real drivers.
    The economy system can be expanded with new buses, ticket prices can be adjusted etc.
    The main focus of the route network is on the TXL line (Berlin-Tegel), but will be expanded in the future.

  • When you say the requirements are 'better than Fernbus' do you mean 'less demanding' or 'more demanding' !!!?

    Otherwise, sounds a great product! Perhaps features will be shared with Fernbus in the future?!

  • I would like to see more information about future of Fb. Because, analogs like Fb does not exist. (OMSI is not analog of Fb)
    We had already few citywide bus simulators.

    Anyway, The Bus looks great.

  • @stevenc58 The game is still in pre-alpha. I think you should contact publisher Aerosoft whether you can get access to the beta (whenever it's available). However, it might be an internal Beta only (and we won't be able to join). If they're looking for additional beta testers, they will most likely announce it here but we're certainly far away from that at present.

  • hello chris thank you for getting back to me can you give me the email for Aerosoft please and by the way your team is doing a fantastic job with the sim.
    its just that I would love to test it for you :) good job tml im getting really excited.