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  • every bus stop has been recreated true to original and most cities have sights recreated specially made for the DLC France, I think we're doing a pretty good job so far.

    Sounds good!:) Hopefully we will see original French traffic sign templates, not like in Austria & Switzerland where traffic signs look like the German ones.:|

    And if we're able to realize them, it's going to be a lot greener.

    Well, then it won't be Lobos...:lol: I'm very looking forward to what's planned for the future; TML's known for its surprises…^^:thumbup:

  • Nothing new. Just confirmations of information that everyone already knew. I prefer improvements in current content along with better performance. Application of Unreal Engine 4.22 is very good news.

    As I always say doing a review on existing content is a lot better. And with that it avoids the performance to fall with each change of the game like adding a new content (DLC).

    A lot of example that do not apply in new maps and buses can be made to enhance the game. Like for example customization of the bus something that was discussed recitemente.

    Improvements in the tone (sounds) of the game is encouraging.

    Base game with better quality increases sales with this people buy the existing DLCs as well.

    But this is the way, good things have come. :thumbsup::)

  • Base game with better quality increases sales with this people buy the existing DLCs as well.

    But this is the way, good things have come. :thumbsup::)

    You're right, people would more likely devote to a game which they though worth longtime playing.

    If some economic functions could be added sometime in the future, it will surely raise people interest.

  • I have interesting ideas for the game, what do you think about this players and TML STUDIOS :)

    1. introduction of voice navigation in all languages what can be done from the lector program as it was done by SCS SOFTWARE now is a great solution. For TML STUDIOS bus 3 games :):thumbup:

    2.Introduction of animals running through roads as it was introduced by SCS in the Washington map, great idea, deer, roe deer :):thumbup:

    3.Introduction of the clutch and manual gear for each bus as an option :):thumbup:

    A great bus ride Fernbus :) :fernbus::fbs-sign-330::thumbup:

  • I support Martin 40 Bus , and it would also be nice to see pigeons, dogs and cats in cities.:)

    I agree, but still without the pedestrians, it probably won't happen :|

    Martin 40 Bus The voice navigation feature in ETS2/ATS really belonged in the game which is why it was implemented. I think that it will also be good in Fernbus and Tourist Bus Simulator too but that will mean that TML will have to find people to do voice-overs in different languages :) I'm sure that the community could help out if we only had English and German ^^

  • All the solutions we write here are for implementation and right, we can help TML STUDIOS, but it's great ideas for new content. We are waiting for TML STUDIOS to say whether he wants to introduce it with us, we will help in this. :):thumbup:  TheBeaver Daniel F MBO530 Maximus Dynek

    1. voice navigation

    2.animals that run through the road

    3 manual gears bus.

    pedestrians and passengers at Fernbus - That's certain

    A great bus ride Fernbus :) :fernbus::fbs-sign-330::thumbup:

  • A new post in the community with answers to questions from TML-Studios have already seen 1.7K people. Immediately there were frustrated comets in the first place due to the economy in the Fernbus Simulator. The players are very much waiting for the economic company in the Fernbus Simulator and were upset when they learned that they had not even started to do it yet. There were also comments about pedestrians and passengers entering the bus, they also very much want to see in the Fernbus Simulator.

    Then I decided to conduct a survey and find out what the players in the Fernbus Simulator updates are waiting for first. First of all, they expect improved optimization, secondly, the economy and, thirdly, pedestrians and passengers. This is the most important in the opinion of most players for the Fernbus Simulator.

    The screenshot shows how people voted, I will try to translate what is written there, but keep in mind that I try to make the community as interesting as possible and there are questions with humor in the survey that are not serious.:)

    1. Economy.

    2. Pedestrians and passengers.

    3. Optimization.

    4. Expansion card.

    5. New buses.

    6. Improved graphics.

    7. I don’t want anything, go for it all in the forest.

    8. I in FIG, I'm waiting for buses in Euro Truck Simulator 2.

    9. I want to add cats.

    10. It is necessary to isolate the Internet so that there is no such disgrace in general.

    I hope this information will be useful for the development of the Fernbus Simulator:)

  • Maximus I agree that new maps and buses, improving the efficiency of the games, economists, pedestrians and passengers are expected by players from many countries around the world, manual gear , Ai Train.

    voice navigation

    animals that run through the road

    A great bus ride Fernbus :) :fernbus::fbs-sign-330::thumbup:

  • Maximus

    An economic system was never planned for Fernbus Simulator in the original development. That's way we haven't started developing it yet, but of course we've noticed the request by the community for it. However, that poll is very, very interesting. Thanks for sharing it.

  • mk0 If you are planning to do an economic system will there be an option to disable/enable this?Because I don't like the economic system from TBS to much so that is why i'm asking.