A new way to success (10 years project ? )

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  • It is a pity that TML simulators do not meet more audience. It may be assumed that some technical faults discourage some players but it must be admitted that Fernbus and TBS have many many qualities. Thus, the bus and coach market is a very small market.

    "The bus" will be decisive because it deals with urban transport, which seems to interest more people. But let us not forget that OMSi owns its success especially to the existence of more than a hundred of maps, developed with passion and patience.

    Developing a map remains something very complex. For example, BS18, which has existed for a long time, still doesn't have a real alternative map, whereas modding tools are present from the beginning.

    For my part, I think that an idea to develop the audience of TML would be to use the base "The bus" to make it a sort of" global simulator". Buses and coaches would remain the heart of the business, but why not make it cohabit one or the other truck (urban delivery, garbage trucks for example)? or just cars? or road maintenance vehicles (those washing of former "TML kehrmaschinen simulator"). That could be a nice multiplayer experience, also with a goal which will bring XP points to rate all players (going from A To B is already a task).

    I have to admit that such a game is perhaps already the goal of LOTUS. But looking at the development of TML games, it's perhaps not so far as we expect it...

    So friends, what do you think players expect from a simulator today? What could be the "hook" to success ?

  • Gil has recently written about a very good gaming market in various countries , I do not think that this is a small market in the world of people who like buses. It is evidenced by the sale of OMSI 2, Fernbus, Tourist bus simulator. In these games is the future all the time and in the new game. Lotus is a very expensive product and a lot less content , the way TML in the sense of updating one engine and 3 games autobusowch all the time improvement is a good solution. I suggest new maps for Fernbus because it will be very big . every company has a game bug, there's a community of beta testers to help TML together improve products, from my messages what TML is currently doing introduces many of my and other solutions and improvements to error elimination games. I think it is the best bus simulators on the market and I am happy and I am encouraging TML to create new map states because it will benefit the whole players and developers community. I like the idea Yannick [FR] - combining THE BUS as a global multiplayer player, as a driver the whole matter of experience in the game of money fleet economics system, common trips bus, but also the creation of new driving vehicles like a crane, fire brigade, garbage truck. You can do it like DLC FOOTBALL, The garbage truck driver's job is a great idea :)

    A great bus ride Fernbus :) :fernbus::fbs-sign-330::thumbup:

  • First of all, in the Fernbus Simulator, you need to add an economy. To carry people from point A to point B without some kind of goal is not interesting. Need a purpose and motivation for these trips.

  • I think this "hook" is a map with urban traffic, multiplayer and new means of transport (metro, tram, taxi?) Or even a combination of this in one game.

    Online comparison results between BS18 and Fernbus speak for the benefit of city bus driving:

    https://steamdb.info/app/427100/ 108 people are playing now

    https://steamdb.info/app/515180/ 224 people are playing now

    In the Fernbus Sim graphics it is clearly better, but more people play in BS18.

    You have to wait for The Bus, it will probably be LOTUS already and then it will turn out how the community will evaluate these games and what are the next expectations.

  • The number of players can not be resisted because many more people in the world play at Fernbus and like him in I am personally proof of it. In addition, there are many players who steal pirate games. statistics are not reliable, just count yourself Julian countries that play at Fernbus you will find out that it is not 108 people play this game, what you give is a lie of reality China, Russia, Poland, Germany, the Netherlands, France, and other countries are not 108 people in the game, this is a scam, players are much more.

    If we count the countries that bought TML games and what Gil said about the sale of their very good games in the markets proves that I'm right about the number of players, I think that the TML team will also agree, it is not 108 people and they are thousands of players minimum,

    TML STUDIOS is happy with the sale of the game the same is true, the number of players is very large, Julian is what you gave it is a lie and ridiculousness 108 people play fernbus I will never agree with it play thousands of people

    A great bus ride Fernbus :) :fernbus::fbs-sign-330::thumbup:

  • I'm not fooling myself, because there are no pirate versions of Fernbus Sim and BS 18, there are data of people who are only now on Steam who are currently playing.

    You do not have to defend TML games for strength because I think they are better than BS18, I only point out that people prefer to play a city simulator than in an international simulator, and this is what the author of the topic wrote

  • Much people prefer to play on long routes are colleagues from Brazil, not everyone prefers the city, and it is not a number as small as you have given. We will not go to the forum, preferably TML will tell you about it

    A great bus ride Fernbus :) :fernbus::fbs-sign-330::thumbup:

  • The development of the urban simulator on the economic mode, ie comprehensive management of city transport and being a driver in one game is a good direction. I am afraid that the EU 4 engine will not give good optimization for such a game.

    For this purpose, TML may create its own engine, such as SCS.

  • I prefer long-distance transportation, rather than urban from stop to stop. Bus18 has a company and lower system requirements, but buses, physics, and graphics are worse. Bus18 is like a mobile game.

  • There is a very large number of players who prefer distant odds as it is in the game Fernbus,Tourist Bus Simulator. City vehicles are also interesting for me but I'm glad that there are such games over long distances. The engine will handle urban games and optimization juls2008 . Maximus is right BS 18 is a game like for children , graphic from the comic:D:lol:

    A great bus ride Fernbus :) :fernbus::fbs-sign-330::thumbup:

  • I would like to enjoy the game in the city map as in the Tourist Bus only without exploring maps, containers, etc. with real-day simulation: I have a house, I go to work in the morning by car or other transport, I am the head of the company and I manage other drivers and I drive the same as a driver (by bus, metro, train).

    At the final stop during the break before the return course I eat, sometimes unexpected accidents at work force me to give another driver a route and take care of the company myself. After work, I do shopping and go to sleep, pass the night (as in the Bundesliga DLC) and another day comes ...

  • Not only LOTUS-Simulator will be a competitor The BUS, here's another one - Bus Driving 2019. Bus Driving 2019 - Work in progress - This game is coming on PC Steam, PS4 and XBox One. Fist it will be available as Early Access on Steam, Q2 2019. It will have awesome features, including a route editor, mods and multiplayer. The BUS should be a great game to compete with these games.

  • Not only LOTUS-Simulator will be a competitor The BUS, here's another one - Bus Driving 2019. Bus Driving 2019 - Work in progress - This game is coming on PC Steam, PS4 and XBox One. Fist it will be available as Early Access on Steam, Q2 2019. It will have awesome features, including a route editor, mods and multiplayer. The BUS should be a great game to compete with these games.

    Maximus Do you have an official website for this project? I can't find anywhere...

  • The graphics Maximus of the game you showed is like the BS 18 for me the best simulator bus are TML STUDIOS:):thumbup:

    I watched photos from this game because I found it on the internet what I can say:

    texture of the execution is not very good, it will be a Russian bus simulator or on the road game, for me it is not competition and the level of TML STUDIOS games, they can write a lot but you can see the picture of the game .

  • hi,

    @Marcin : Im' not sure that there are more regular players. I think that it's a good estimation. It's an indicator (not of sales) how the gameplay interest peole. We are fans, but others ? We have several players which are not interested into simulation, and who want something easy to play, let's call this "seat and play". Often, it ' also something that I like with Fernbus. Being free , I choose my bus and I only ride with no goal, except driving.

    Regarding to another aspect, and that's only just a theoretical discussion seen from my personal ideas, if I were a gamebus developper, I choose only 2 games : one urban (scale 1:1) and one for long distance with another scale (Fernbus is 1:10 / TBS is 1:5).

    With such a decision, I focus myself on less objectives. But I develop only one game first, bringing first what people want (multiplayer is a must have, lol).

    That's what TML first made with Fernbus, then with "The Bus". TBS followed another way. I think intersting things can come after "The bus"'s release. Major decisions will have to be taken : patching allways Fernbus and TBS ? or doing a new game which which will include the technical achievements, maps, vehicles and experience of previous games?

    We often speak about SCS. SCS is today a success story. But there was a long way before they became so big. They made several american trucks games, sometimes a new game made some cool inovations, somtimes it was less convenient (several years to find a way to handle the mirors. they made ETS1 (not very exciting, I did not hang on), they made german truck simulator, UK truck simulator (the maps of those games were a good basis for ETS2), Truck and trailers (sing assets that you have still in ETS2) Scania Truck Driving simulator (a good technical test)... All those games weren't free. ETS 2 was a real breaktrough, at first minutes, I wanted to go further.

    I think TML is now in a era where they accumulate experience, they don't have lack of ideas but they need time and human power. They need this to make something that will make another break in the wall (do you hear the music?). Something clean, offering different modes of play, esthetic and irreproachable even in the interface, something coherent, chiseled like diamond.

    2 years ago, I wrote somthing n the forum, it was called "If fernbus had a child" If Fernbus Simulator had a child .... ", the Football DLC and TBS are real milestones looking to that direction. The purpose of this text is to be a draft of a coherent project. It's not polished and is only about bus & coaches. In this project, my main idea is to manage a travel agency, basically a module that let players share travel ideas. Those trips are made of spots (virtual point of interest) and when reaching those points, you'll open a navigator which show you real places (landscape, monuments, museums...). As we like to ride, we like to discover new places. It is up to us to be able to imagine new trips, without limits. that means to make discover our respective countries (with the virtual points one can even pretend that the map of Germany is poland). My travel passion takes me away from the thread...

    Yes in fact, what I wanted in the current thread is to speak about another way, maybe only a stupid idea to offer something new.

  • The graphics Maximus of the game you showed is like the BS 18 for me the best simulator bus are TML STUDIOS:):thumbup:

    I watched photos from this game because I found it on the internet what I can say:

    texture of the execution is not very good, it will be a Russian bus simulator or on the road game, for me it is not competition and the level of TML STUDIOS games, they can write a lot but you can see the picture of the game .

    Of course there is no doubt that the games published by TML are characterized by a very high level against the competition. In addition to driving physics (where I think OMSI wins) there is no better developed simulator. I think that TML puts the heart into it. This is not a job. This is passion. And that's why these games are the best. I'm sure from the materials posted so far, The Bus will be even better

    But issuing similar projects should not be bad even for TML fans. If someone is a real fan of this bus theme, he will buy every simulator released. I will never forget about TML - BCCS stole my heart. It does not matter that newer games are better, more real, more beautiful. I play in different projects, but I'll be here forever.

    Can I shorten? Regular update support and new DLC, multiplayer mode, and full support for modification by the community (and God not only painting - creating maps and buses) as in OMSI ;)

  • Hi Yannick [FR] I will answer all of your information:

    If someone is looking for a simple game, there is nothing to do with reality and TML games. Here the realism of driving is like the life of a driver, it is not easy to often travel by bus in cities.

    Implementation of current games and improvement are necessary scales are correct. This is how you said learning and preparing for a great project, but you can not forget that these are cool simulators with different complementary features, everyone has the choice

    The bus simulator - can be an interesting project focusing on what Fernbus has, Tourist bus simulator and much more develop theme :

    You have to perform the game in a way that the community expects, Economy system, fleet management, management of vehicles, drivers, the entire bus base including lines as the boss and as a driver , common courses with a friend in the game network, for example, we set lines 25 and go with each other and this is the biggest attraction I think. What is also needed is a workshop, car washes, a shop, and gas stations, The need to create traffic of passengers and pedestrians on the street also add traffic accidents and detours, You can later enter other vehicles, such as the cleaning company of the city and a garbage truck. Games must be spent with fewer errors and working efficiently on controllers, and it must also be possible to choose manual and automatic gearboxes . You can also make bus painters in your base. In my opinion, the new game must include the experience of previous games and technically when it comes to the terrain can be new simulator THE BUS. Current games can not be left until they are corrected and projects are obvious because they are very important. I would, however, continue to develop Fernbus with new areas and maps because it is the best for this game that I think is . Fernbus can become a very big game in the area for various countries, I see a lot of potential here, so I encourage TML STUDIOS all the time to create new countries, not only France, but also more. That is why the issue of THE BUS must be postponed due to the fact that both games are worth developing, you can not hurry, leaving something that people really want and like. DLC FOOTBALL it's an interesting system this is what can be interesting new maps that will always attract new players and joy can always create some DLC bus tasks. Traveling just and landscape discovering monuments, imagine you can always have your country, most of your ideas and for the next good game is presented here in a nutshell. But such performance as we will call will be a simulator hit in the world, a very popular game and joy for TML STUDIOS. I do not compare the bus game to SCS games because it is not authoritative to me that driving, trucks and that graphics, much more realism of joy makes me ride fernbus bus, tourist I miss only this manual gearbox but it is included in the works, also I can see it happily

    I wish you all such a new game as I described and it will definitely be well received, I suggest you finish with statistics steam because they do not take into account a large number of players. A very interesting topic arose here and it is worth talking to make the best for the future of bus games Yannick [FR] , maybe you also like some of my observations because your reflections are also perfectly valid for me.

    CeBeS486 - this is the best games because they are created with passion that's why they look so beautiful. That's why new maps and vehicles are the best thing for everyone if TML STUDIOS will make new maps of countries and vehicles will have games that are the best quality area, realism , it will be a joy for everyone who loves buses. By the way, you can do some task DLC, players always attract new vehicles and terrains and that is what TML STUDIOS proposes to do because it will be the best. everyone is happy to buy a new map of the state and a new bus. :)

    I know that a lot of people are waiting for BUS VDL waiting for the map of France is a very important matter also for TML, that is why I hope that the next TML countries will perform and buses because this is only the way to success

  • TML currently has a good base for games, with the arrival of "The Bus" they will have three game modes within the "bus" category. Fernbus would be equal to the Euro Turck Simulator where you have to go from point A to point B with the DLC Football leaves the game with an ounce of depth.

    TBS has the same characteristics and with several extras with even greater potential for evolution.

    The Bus with urban route and with a bigger and detailed city and real points. And it has enterprise management and multiplayer mode that yields even more fun. Something that many players play in Euro Truck Simulator 2 unofficially.

    The market for this type of game is average is not that SCS often gets featured on Steam when it has promotions. And it recently won in the end-of-year vote in a category. People who play truck simulators are the same people who play bus games. In the "Euro Truck Simulator 2" we have the bus mods.

    What makes TML not have the same prominence is the problem of having a more powerful graphics engine thus eliminating the people who have weaker computers. The day that the games are lighter the story will be different. I believe that long term projects have much to be improved.

  • What could be the "hook" to success ?

    I asked this question in the community, that's what they answered.

    1 Optimization to make it comfortable to play.

    2 Development of the business, economy.

    3 Many buses, minibuses.

    4 You can see your drivers and buses in traffic.

    5 Open free world.

    6 Ability to engage in additional business. (taxi, cargo taxi ...)

    7 Suburban flights.

    8 Modding.

    9 Multiplayer.