Telemetry Interface (BETA)

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  • Is it possible to create a Trip Recorder (Like flight recorders in flight simulation world, i mentioned before here, check for example) , if possible, it would be good to have something like fsairlines or trucksbook in ets world. Along with economy and company issues.

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  • Guys guys!

    Can you make telemetry button controls in SimDash? What is the way? I am working on a layout but right now it is useless... doors get out of sync etc, would be nice if the button states was linked with the sim states, example the door button is green but turns red when the door is open


    maybe I can answer that myself (I'm the developer of the app).

    You can link the visual appearance of a button in the App to a data value of the game, so it always represents the actual state of the Bus, no matter if you have used the button in the app to toggle the state or a button in the game.

    In the customization options of a button there are those entries that are relevant for that:

    • Toggle mode (needs to be activated to get a button that is toggled between pressed/not pressed. Otherwise the button is only visually pressed as long as it is pushed down)
    • Change visual state based on this game data.
      This links the button state to a game data value. E.g. for your Door you can select Door 0-8 open. The button appears as pressed now once the Door 0-8 is opened
    • Key. This one makes sure that the button actually does something. You need to map the desired key to it. E.g. select the key F9 to open the front door (refer to the keyboard control options of the game to find out which keyboard key executes your desired action)

    More info on the button options can be found on this help page: SIM Dashboard Help page: How to create a virtual Button Box

  • It seems to be a great app, as I am now setting it up. Sadly you can only use 3 widgets (which is reached pretty fast). You can use more, but with a price of 2,99 euro. Some people will have that difficulty with buying things via a Google Play account.

    Anyway, it is a great concept, which might come in hand for my YouTube recordings! :):thumbup:

  • I Need Help,

    When I Try To Configure The Sim Dashboard To The Game Is Shows Screenshot_2.png Please Help

    • Official Post

    GrayLeafGamingYT you can enable the telemetry interface in the game itself in settings -> game -> enable telemetry interface (BETA)

    stryderIT We've changed the place of our configuration files to enable profile features. They are moved to %localappdata%\[Gamename]\Saved\Profiles\[Profilename]\Settings. You can find the current selected Profile in %localappdata%\[Gamename]\Settings\Globalsettings.cfg. If it is none just use the first one.