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  • A long time ago @Denis_W :) I said to introduce a bicycle traffic AI idea for Fernbus like TML STUDIOS I talked about it with Timo it would be a good opportunity to introduce it for THE BUS and then Fernbus coach simulator, Tourist bus simulator.

    You are all happy, you only think about THE BUS, but I think about functions that should have been like pedestrians and passengers in Fernbus coach simulator , like better AI traffic, train traffic. manual gearbox and many more things that I wrote about, everyone knows, new sound for buses, bus washes, gas stations sound distributor. There is a lot to be done but it seems that it will take a long time because Quarney he does not answer in detail, he only replies that it will be and that's it, but that is what we can say and 2 years no details of the work. This year there was supposed to be a map of Belgium and the map Netherlands, now there is only talk about working on the Netherlands, well, thank you .

  • Martin 40 Bus I understand you. We also want all this to be implemented not only in The Bus. But as Quarney wrote, everything that will be done in The Bus will come later to the already existing FBS and TBS. Now TML-Studios are unlikely to create cyclists for the Fernbus Simulator, since the main task is The Bus project.

    I also dream of trains, cyclists, pedestrians, sounds and more. But now we have no choice but to wait for the release of The Bus ;)

  • This thread wasn't meant to make you upset, Martin. Please calm down. You are repeating yourself again and again and I pointed it out several tiimes already. You have been answered those questions more times than usual. From now on, those topics you mentioned will be considered spam and will get deleted.

    This thread is about The Bus, please stay on topic.

  • I think the game should be made more realistic, as I wrote in one of the previous posts, and give a variety of possible situations that can happen once in a while like for example: that the bus gets stuck, that you have to order a tow, even a bus quarrel, ticket problem, engine and more. I think it will just give real situations of things that really happen to the bus drivers, so you can also add it to the game, in addition I personally favor that while you "do not" work or finish the trip / travel and because the game is online, you can sit with friends in all sorts of places, For example restaurants, bars and the like to give the maximum feeling of reality, in principle this thing exists partially in tbs / fbs but it is not possible to really sit, you can just "mark" the place as if you were there. So I thought to myself if this thing would really be in the game or would it be possible to add the option, because basically the whole point of a simulator is to simulate reality. Quarney :D

  • Lust I think this should be created in the first place. Most likely your question will be answered on August 27 this year at Gamescom ;)

  • I am counting not weeks, not days, not hours or even minutes. I'm counting the seconds until Gamescom 8| I look forward to this great event and really look forward to news from our beloved and coveted project The Bus :love: <3

    There is very little time left to wait, friends! 8o

  • Hi, some questions that you might answer at Gamescom.

    1. Will trams travel along the tram lines within the game?

    2. Will traffic volumes and passenger volumes be affected by time of day?

    3. Within singleplayer, can you custom create new bus routes from stops of routes owned?

    Looking forward to the reveal. Thanks

  • 1. Will The BUS feature real world weather, making it rain in-game when it rains in Berlin?

    2. Will there be a functioning IBIS system, on which we can manually enter information, such as the bus line and route? ***

    3. Are there going to be real bus schedules, implemented from Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe, in the game?

    4. Will there be new DLC bus lines after release? We know already that there will be new bus DLCs.

    5. What will the capacity of the servers be, meaning how many players will be able to play in the same session?

    6. This might be an interesting question, but are there going to be any COVID-19 measures implemented in game, reflecting the realism of the current world situation? (Such as locked first doors unabling passengers to buy tickets from driver, passengers wearing facemasks, capacity of seats reduced)

    # Here are some more questions, to which we'll hopefully receive answers. I'm not sure if any of these have been asked or answered before, so you can update me on that. I'm super-excited about what will be announced at Gamescom, regarding The BUS. 8)