DevDiary #15 - The next big feature

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  • Dear Community,

    it's time for a new DevDiary, and we have some changes coming up from now on: First off, there will now be two videos released at the same time, one in German, the other in English. Then, the content will be split in two, firstly regarding the world of Fernbus Coach Simulator, and then we will talk about the new bus simulator that TML-Studios will be developing now.

    So, we will not reveal, what kind of bus simulation game the next product will be, where it will take place, what bus models will be included, etc., but we will reveal THE ONE FEATURE that will be included, and that, in our opinion, does not exist in this form yet!

    The next bus simulation game by TML-Studios will include a multiplayer with an interactive control center. This includes the following features:

    • The user can set up a virtual company, and will lead it with the goal of earning money.
    • The control center has full control of everything that happens in the open world.
    • With a capital stock, the player can buy a certain amount of buses with AI drivers. They can then be sent on tour, based on the shift and time table that the user has to create.
    • Now, more users can join the game (multiplayer!) and join the control center and replace AI drivers.
    • With an integrated VOIP client, all drivers can communicate with the control center at any time. In a specific area (eg. same street), drivers can communicate with each other as well.
    • Users can walk and ride in buses that are on tour, no matter if with an AI driver or a real user. Users in this bus can also communicate with each other with VOIP, which nobody else can hear.
    • Switch shifts and take over the bus, based on the shift and time table.
    • With every completed ride, money can be earned, in order to buy new buses and drivers.

    In October 2016, we will release the official Teaser of this game, revealing what type of bus simulation it will be, where it takes place, what bus models are included, etc.

    Best regards,

  • At first multiplayer sounds pointless in a bus simulator, but that actually sounds like an excellent way of doing it. Just wandering though will the routes be created by the player or just the timetable? And will you be able to allocate different types of vehicle to respond to demand? (For example double decker at peak times and single decker with lower running cost at quieter times). Also Nice to see English DevDiarys. :thumbup:

  • Very nice to see that you keep the good work on FBS. As I'm a big fan of OMSI 1&2 (coming old sadly) I really hope that the next bus simulator will be an OMSI-like game made in TML with FBS graphism. And please if you can add trolleybus from the start it would be awesome this is something that we were missing in OMSI so bad.

    Thanks for your job guys.

  • Ok, still don't know why are you making new game so early, but maybe I'm just used to a slower game publishing by competition ;) So nothing left only wait for more details from your side.

  • Fernbus should be refined and expanded to include new maps, buses and much of what is bad. No need to think about the new game and make this a well Chris remember it, splitting into 2 game is a big mistake on your part will not good .He is working on the game Fernbus because the game has great potential. @UndergroundBerlin Chris

  • Released game Fernbus and that she should be polished, not a new game because this approach is odd Chris.Players want to have a good game Fernbus and no longer new. no copmapny not act none of which make up games of this type remember about Chris.