Fernbus Coach Simulator: Your wishes and ideas

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  • Some of my ideas and wishes

    -People walk into bus, not just teleport inside the bus

    I believe TML are sorting the code out for the passengers walking on the bus. It worked on the previous engine and then they converted over to the unreal engine but some of the code wasn't working properly.

  • Coach Headlight projection has to be improved, the head light beam doesn't go far enough and it is very difficult to predict the route ahead and most likely to hit the barrier.
    My suggestion is to increase the headlight beam of the bus.


  • Good evening TML! Thanks so much for a wonderful game that you created! I love it! but it is missing some things for it to be able to become ennu better (I know you are working full steam so do not want to rush you) But what I would like is a 1. a map creatordo you have any arrival time for one of those? Maybe I can try to build my city Malmo in Sweden then who knows;)2nd A digital arrival timetables at bus stops (so you can see exsakt how many minutes the bus to come)3. extreme weather (so that you can change and view so you can see how much rain and snow that falls on the road) and maybe snow that builds up so that it becomes more difficult to drive then)4. And if you want rain + snow + ice + storm + fog + thunder (all in one weather) It had been more challenging (I think), or what do you think?5. are there any drivers for my Ferarri Trust MasterCard steering wheel as you have?sorry for my bad EnglishThanks so much! for the amazing work you have done! & make! Hope to hear from you all! many hugs from /Robert.S

  • Hello,
    That's my first thought on improvement since I'm a bus driver in the real world ;)

    1) Clickable dashboard with mouse, good idea with right-mouse-button to zoom, but can't see a mouse cursor to click on buttons
    1a) Add brief description of a button the mouse cursor is pointing at
    1b) Little window that could appear like for destination displays while button is pressed to inform what is going on in/on the bus

    2) Seat positioning (up, down, forward, backward, inclination) as the coaches and buses are very ergonomic these days

    3) Coach tilt while turning should be equal to speed and not constant value

    4) Retarder not working but should be the main braking utility as it's use is even compulsory now to not overheat brakes, down to 20km/h with 3 notches
    4a) Intarder function should also be implemented or coupled with cruise-speed control (to slow down when descending)
    4b) Brakes temperature simulation, braking sounds, compressor sounds

    5) Multimedia display more functional

    6) TV in the bus interior is now off - not showing route info

    7) Autobahn entrances have too tights turns to enter at reasonable speed and too much loops behind bus stops in many cities

    8) Physics tweaks of the coach comportment on the route as for now it seems that it is so easy to drive, and passengers angry while hard braking

    8) Driver in first view is way to speedy, too fast mouvements like he's running an olympic marathon ;)

    That's it for now, but more crucial thoughts on this since there is VERY BIG POTENTIAL to be great and I hope the simulator will grow and last long while polished to the best, since with mods made there will be future customers as well.


  • Hello, navigation on the bus is not readable and too small, it must be bigger and arrow to the road and as it is in the ETS 2 would then rode great without the navigation window. Please correct this is a very important element in the game. Thank you.

    • Money system that we earn from each trips because how did we pay for fuel if money doesn't exist? So we're getting fuel for free even it say how much it cost
    • Lights above the signs on the high way to see the signs for night driving, not sure if germany has this but alot of countries have lights above the signs
    • Add speedometer on navigation system
    • Add gasoline icon on navigation system too so you can see how much fuel you've used and remaining fuel left (distance to empty) before refilling again (paid by cash system)
    • Ability to let you zoom out/in of the map on your navigation system like press F5 to zoom out to see the map like in ETS2/ATS
  • how about some foot brake air sounds as demonstrated here

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    air tank protection valves blowing off?

  • Idea (Will most likely be updated over time):

    • Snow ploughs on roads when snowing
    • passenger messages only show for a millisecond (FIXED)
    • two coaches on main menu and when selecting coach (FIXED)
    • the navigation system should also show current speed
    • navigation system needs to be able to zoom in/out
    • passenger anouncement stops playing when going to exterior camera then back to interior (FIXED)
    • need more service station
    • random events dont work i have them on max......nothing happened (broken? Bug?)
    • Going too slow? for God sakes please remove this or fix it. When I have to slam on the breaks because the ai Is so bad (at the moment) it says this....
  • Hi, thank you for the new update fixes playing excellent work Chris TML STUDIO, however, I caught bugs in the new version
    1. The music itself off after time, for example, being in the selection of maps back only on the main game board with version.
    2. Navigation window shows the wrong kilometers example is going 176 and then going a long time and stands 176 and jump to 155 and it is always every of routes jumping such.
    3. What wishes to play at the closest updates, please make a priority to improve the optimization of games, navigation on the bus route and enlarge the arrow, add a watch.
    Thank you Chris TML STUDIO because the longer the game goes in the right direction and working effectively game becomes more beautiful with something we are very happy.

  • Hello, first sorry for my English, and then I want to congratulate the otimo game and also ask you to never leave it. Some ideas you wish you had in the game:
    Possibility you create your company and customize all your bus.
    Have as you buy and sell buses and hire drivers.
    Create various routes and leave saved
    Travel with points along the way.
    Travel direct, semi-direct, with several stops (common)

  • I would like to see more realitsic road signs. And with sings, I mean the blue and yellow sings which shows where you need to go.
    Especially on the highway, they look not realistic.
    I wish to see more realistic road sings that look almost the same as in real life! :)

  • I hope you guys can put another window when you are playing the game with a direction GPS. I always have my view half way to the GPS already on the bus and to the left mirror and its a bit hard to look behind and look at the GPS in the bus at the same time.
    Maybe you guys could have another assigned key to open a little window on top right for a clear direction GPS. It can be especially good for people like me who does not know were the direction of the route takes you.

    Everyone that has seen this Thread well there is a GPS direction tab I found it in controls .....so theirs no need for a GPS tab cause there is one I'm a dill should of looked probably.

  • 1. Maybe add more announcements?
    2. Have an option where if you want to continue a new route from the place you finished the route, that you can continue from that time. Not sure if its a bug or not but when i click continue it reset back to the starting time

  • I have an idea. Why not bring into play the economic component. For example cruised between cities with 10 passengers without violations - get the money in full volume, he broke the rules - to pay fines. Plus, the career mode to introduce the possibility to become the owner of his own company for passengers, only after accumulating a certain amount of money and start a career with employment in the company for passengers. I would also like to see the game room for improvement (upgrading) buses in the accumulation of experience and money.

    1. I am always right
    2. When I'm wrong, see item 1.