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  • Ein kostenloser DLC für den Fernbus Simulator.

    Fahre die Serpentinen im Thüringer Wald, Richtung Oberhof zur Skisprung- Schanze oder zum “Ahorn Panorama Hotel Oberhof”. Ein Abstecher zur Ohra -Talsperre bei Luisenthal ist auch möglich.

  • arbeitet lieber mit Hochdruck an der Berlin Bus Simulator man hat so langsam das Gefühl das teil liegt momentan auf Eis ich würde gerne dass es auf Steam released wird auch wenn es unfertig ist dann nimmt man erstmal 10 € dafür und am Ende kostet dann 40 € wenn die Qualität stimmt

  • Toll, ein wenig Abwechslung zu den Städten im FBS:):thumbup:

    Thzff Vertrau mir, THE BUS liegt definitv nicht auf Eis (gab ja vor kurzem irgendwo im Forum auch einen neuen Screenshot);) Wenn sie nichts mehr für den Fernbus Simulator tun würden, dann würde man ihnen vorwerfen, die alten Spiele nicht zu pflegen. Würden sie The Bus frühzeitig rausbringen, würde es wieder heissen, TML release nur unfertige Spiele. Machen sie das, was sie im Moment tun (alle Spiele gleichzeitig pflegen), wirft man ihnen vor, dass The Bus zu langsam fortschreitet. Es allen Recht zu machen ist nicht möglich.

  • Thzff please wait patiently and look at the work and games spent can not have everything in one day 3 games, additions, updates. read my posts planned for the game fernbus and tourist on the forum more than that writes what awaits us yet, The bus has to wait because the two current games are in development and very liked, The bus is the last in the queue to issue, Fernbus are waiting new buses map of France, and much more. Tourist also many changes. You have to play what is and wait and not complain all the time because it's very bad you have to bring ideas and joy on the forum instead of whining, they write to you that the bus also work progress so wait.

    Tom when will the map of France be to Fernbus and the Fernbus game update? and Ein kostenloser DLC für den Fernbus Simulator. great deal only please, more snow on the streets and petals;):thumbup:

    A great bus ride Fernbus :) :fernbus::fbs-sign-330::thumbup:

  • In this forum you are new and you want to decide everything Thzff :/

    I've been from the beginning of bus games also as a tester, and much could be written here. I have permission to write in any language in this forum, act properly because otherwise you will be a disliked person here . This is another general warning , my first ;) adapt to the community forum 8)

    I am glad that you are on the forum that you like buses because we all enjoy the beautiful passion of all players simulator bus. Introduce new ideas, constructive criticism, show photo errors and descriptions , contribute to the improvement of the game, notice numerous work on games and players' expectations, ask for something and wait patiently. respect us the creators of the game , without orders, ask and wait politely patiently. Both Fernbus games, Tourist bus simulator are constantly developed and will be expected by players and creators, The bus also all the time is created do not require that someone will abandon 2 games just to release THE bus or to spend THE BUS game not ready with mistakes, this is never done. The Bus it will be released at a good level on the release date. Enjoy that it is TML STUDIOS he's working on bus games because nobody else does it better in the world. I think you understood the idea and principles of creating games, plans, etc. Thzff

  • Something interesting is waiting for us!:):thumbsup:


    Glad to see TML putting the effort in for Fernbus again. A lot of people wondered if it had been abandoned, but now it seems there's a real pro for a community manager

    What the time you have there dread? 12 o Clock Natty. :thumbup:

  • When I look at photos of the new area free DLC Rennsteig in winter and in summer - you can see the beautiful green forest, also beautiful buildings and great snow nice sun and panorama . :thumbsup::) I am not surprised by the fact that the players are looking forward to a bus course in these areas, you can see here the excellent work of TML STUDIOS and this game engine that is great. :):thumbup:

    A great bus ride Fernbus :) :fernbus::fbs-sign-330::thumbup: