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  • Martin 40 Bus thanks for the compliment. :* I really have a passion for buses so I try to express what I feel while playing and what I want in the game.

    At the same time I want change and I hope for TML to increasingly raise its level as a business and professional.


    Vehicle customization has been discussed in the forum many times and resentment I have suggested customizing the internal colored LEDs, hubcaps, tires, upholstery and floor.

    I also suggested a camera positioned in the passenger's chair (in the window).

    Manual change has been discussed by the community since the first months of Fernbus launch.

    This link here has a short discussion about interior personalization.

    Raining inside the tunnel? One of the things I've been relating to for a long time. Not only in tunnels but under any roof but under bridges and bus stops.

  • I saw the subject right now. It's all the things I want, actually. but when the development of optimization and game physics is complete, I hope the innovations that respond to our ideas come.

    In the meantime, did you have the chance to experience the VDL Futura FHD2 bus? don't get to because the price is high. very curious.X/:(

  • Kadimbey patience must be kept every day remember,TML STUDIOS works a lot of hours over games be done in a day of everything. But that's all we are talking about here and what is in the plans of the work will be done. Bus VDL Futura FHD2 This is a very successful 3 D model construction, the ride and sounds are great, it is detailed , the bus was designed and created mk0 , you probably do not know this model 3 D master maybe you have seen him in recent movies but this is a very talented man. Ask others for reviews of this bus as well. the price is an individual case of everyone, I recommend this bus to you.

    @Hrvac MAN's painting error sometimes in the choice of the bus also have such a picture. the textura does not read well.

  • There are some bugs.

    The hint text on the bottom of the screen flashes until I get into the bus and sit in the driver's seat.

    The 'AM' and 'PM' characters get garbled when the Time Units in game settings is set to "American".


    Diving cars


    Trees on street


    - Occasional bugs:

    Open the smartphone, go to the game settings, change any settings (like moving a slider) and go back to the game, and the radio will play loud music sometimes, even if it's turned off.

    - Football Team Bus DLC:

    The hint text on the bottom of the screen at gas stations, supermarkets, and waste treatment facilities is not localized.

  • The buses suspension has really improved and it feels realistic. Specifically, physics that it always swings gently up and down, it is really really absolutely awesome!!

    However, it seems that the engine brake was applied intensely when shifting down to the 1st gear during deceleration. In my opinion, if you don't step on the gas or brake pedal when decelerate, the transmission shouldn't shift down to the 1st gear.

    "the engine brake was applied intensely"

    I solved myself. I just have to choose the Gear Mode between D3 or D5.

    What a nice feature!!

  • My opinion about the new update. The performance of the game has grown very well, it is very important, many people criticized performance for feedback, especially since further updates will continue to work on optimization, this will finally stop the flow of negative feedback. Physics has also become better, the bus now feels more realistic and that's great. Improved rendering of trees, now far away they look much better. I was waiting for this, always upset the green cakes that were before. In general, I think this is a very useful and important update, it may even be the best ever.

    But also, I know people who are very much waiting for pedestrians and animated passengers (I am also waiting), as well as an economic company, if all this will be implemented in future updates, the game will become just a masterpiece!:thumbup:

  • Thank you all so much for your feedback. We gather as much as we can and eventually make some adjustments which fit the most tastes and fix some of the issues. Personnaly, I'm very happy this update brought some new users to our forums. So, welcome!


    We're trying to bring back DX12 mode as soon as possible,

    Martin 40 Bus

    The leaves and damage spots on the roads are not a bug. The flying cars, however, will soon be fixed.


    Sometimes Steam shows games as still running after exiting the game.


    Please, try reproduce the crash and find the crash dump file in the following directory: C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\Fernbus\Saved\Crashes\

    When you found send this crash dump file to our colleagues in the support centre at https://www.tml-studios.de/forum/support/

    Our support centre does not require any registration and you can send your ticket right away.


    Please, also make a screenshot of your position on the world map. This way we can find and fix level art bugs faster.

    Thanks for your feedback, we will improve the feel of driving with future updates eventually according the feedback of the entire community to find the best mix.

    Unfortunately, there aren't always two drivers on a coach in Europe. And the service varies greatly between the various companies. And after all, we do have a cooperation with FlixBus which we really do appreciate a lot.

    In certain situations there can be too many sounds at the same and the sound engine thus has to limit the amount of sounds being played. For some reason in rare situations the high priority of the engine is ignored. This is a bug of the sound engine middleware, which we cannot fix.

    The busses we currently implemented in the game and via DLC do not have the feature of audio feedback when driving backwards. However, all of them have a rear camera for that reason.

    Each vehicle has it's own characteristics and the physics of each are being respected as best as we are able too at the moment. So, there is no sweet spot for the vehicle tilt that fits them all, if you prefer it to be identical for all the busses. All the vehicle are different in hight, center of mass and position of the driver, thus it is actually impossible for them all to behave the same. In my honest opinion, one should feel the difference between each bus from another manufacturer and version, otherwise it's just a different look of the vehicles.

    Ryan [TML-Online Team]

    Thanks for reporting these bugs.

    Daniel F

    I'm glad you like the new physics. The ComfortClass has fewer gears than the other vehicles, thus it can behave a little bit slower in acceleration. The brakes, on the other hand, seem stronger, because every time you hit the brake the retarder activates automatically - this is a feature of the ComfortClass by design in real life too. This way, you can simply tip the brake a bit to activate the retarder without having to have to use your hands. The vehicle is literally "Comfort in class of its one".

    Yes, the busses in Tourist Bus Sim will, of course, also receive the updated physics of driving.


    Yeah, those extended Gear work great, don't they?


    We hope as well as that the reviews will improve in time.

    In time these features could be implemented, because we need them for The Bus anyway ;)

  • Hey mk0 ,

    You have presented so much information in the subject Germany and English that I am pleasantly surprised not to write in both topics, I will refer here immediately to German and English your entry.

    Now I have understood that the MAN bus window, leaves and the texture of the road works is deliberately designed and I understand this is a pretty cool idea :thumbup:

    It's nice that the DX 12 library will also be created

    We are happy that you notice our good ideas and take into account the defects shown. The truth is, thanks to you and some of us, the productions are getting better and appreciated by the players in opinions, which also attracts new people here, of course, I'm not talking about these bullies what teases lately, but it's children :D

    I knew it right away when I saw that you are doing physics for every bus that an individual approach to physics is a good direction because as you said every bus differs in design .if you're in but in the movie I saw you showed the TOYOTA minibus I see that the clutch and manual gearbox in the H system are used - does this mean that there will be a hand-operated chest there? mk0 :/ such a solution for all buses and other vehicles in your games is also expected as pedestrians and passengers at Fernbus .

    It's nice that there is a chance to introduce economics to Fernbus and gas stations, car washes and I would suggest an interesting function - sprinkler to every bus This is just great because you can use THE BUS on this , Maximus he also discussed Fernbus interestingly.

    you have learned an interesting case about the design of cities and then the efficiency at Fernbus will increase, this is a great message. I am happy that the optimization of the game and vehicle physics will continue to develop, which can be even better, although today one can accept great satisfaction here with the results achieved :)

    As for the game engines, I'm not a programmer and what you've said is valuable to me and I believe I only judged your games and others visually. In the environment of Poles , this graphics is the best saying, I'm generally happy about the choice of this engine

    Opinions game in steam are getting better, but I would not worry about such opinions bad because often there is a deliberately bad opinion it is quite well known situation is like here on the forum for several days comes a group of the same people and teases everyone and thankfully vigilant community and Alex_S is cleaning . Unfortunately, people in the world often have problems his personality , they like to tease in steam opinien and here on the forum.

    Our group, however, the creators and the majority community are very mobilized and wise, no one will stop us from doing what we do and we like.

    I tried to write quite well and correctly for all language errors, I'm sorry because of the language limitations I support the imperfect translator google. I know some sentences but not all thank you for the understanding of everyone.

    I thought while reading the forum that there are people who want a MAN LION INTERCITY bus and they do not have much to fund that a contest like it used to be in the past for winning a few keys would be great for these people. This is just my suggestion.

    I greet the whole community and of course, without exception, all those who work in TML STUDIOS, including the director Tom

    I forgot EDIT one more time:

    Thank you for repairing flying parked vehicles, it will look like it should be. Sometimes, some such mistakes are funny and you probably often laugh at the you see :)

  • We've made an update to the existing Changelog for changes already implemented in the current version and for better understanding of the effect of some changes:

    - Vegetation imposter materials updated for an improved visual look and better performance

    - Updated road materials and textures to physically-based rendering (PBR)

    - Some building materials and textures updated (see eg Frankfurt Airport) to physically-based rendering (PBR)

  • Kadimbey
    The VDL Futura I bought at launch and at first gave me a good implementation, visually they are models well portrayed with the real ones.

    The VDL physics in Beta 21 made me like them a bit more.


    Really this was one of the things I noticed, previously it was terrible to see the trees at a long distance. A light green that left the feeling of being plastic. Vegetation loading has greatly improved. ^^


    I figured it would be a feature of the vehicle itself. I actually tighten the brake lightly and in advance for the vehicle to stop slowly. The bus that I like the most is the Comfortclass reminds me of the models in my country and the overall sound of the vehicle really pleases me. :)

    I'll be waiting for the physics update in Tourist Bus Simulator where the impact will be huge. :huh:

  • thank you. I respect your opinion but the bus assistant may be offered as an option. users use or not. There are good improvements in game physics. However, on steep slopes, bends, deceleration and departure of the bus, the suspension should be more effective.:)

    DLC packs are high in terms of the economic situation in turkey. A lot of users complain about the price. If an evaluation is made again, the number of users will increase. Non-compulsory expenditure for people. Turkey has become increasingly difficult to earn money.

    users also want to personalize their buses.

    Next time I will give more detailed information for errors :)

  • 20190731214932_1.jpg

    Why cars don't pass and what do they expect. they have enough room to go.

    Also the game menu is freezing too much. Is it just me?

    the design of the game menu should also be changed. looks simple. In the bus selection menu, it will be impressive to write down the technical specifications. In fact, speed should be recognized as flexible. All buses go at the same speed. But they all have different engines and power.

  • A great update gives the impression of tilting the bus while driving in corners.

    I am also happy with better optimization, I have more than 10 fps when driving. Thanks !

    I have a question:

    When you can expect an improvement in the sound of the bus's propulsion system? The sounds are still weak and not very well matched.

    Example of a Lions Coach bus in Fernbus and Omsi games.

    When I do not press the accelerator pedal, the vehicle goes quiet, although the engine is still running and connected to the gearbox, the sound should be slightly lower, but not as low.

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    This not very good sound system of the bus also applies to other brands.

    In Omsi bus the sounds are correct, the engine can be heard well when the accelerator pedal is not pressed. In general, the sounds are fuller and you can hear many elements of the bus chassis.

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  • This is Rennsteig's famous place, here the AI move is correct, the bus takes the priority of the game leaving the stop.

    The game menu is very good, everyone is attached to it and has the color of the company FLIXBUS ,you do not need to enter another one and spoil the performance of the game.

    The specification can be written technical when choosing a bus each is a good idea.:thumbup::)

    According to the regulations in Germany on motorways the maximum speed is 100 km/h - this is a simulator and the game must be real, everything is fine, the road traffic regulations are in force and the FLIXBUS carrier regulations are in force , that is, the bus only leads the driver without a helper.

    Similar menu has also the game Tourist bus simulator and it will be similar in the game THE BUS so I think it is a very nice legible simple menu that stands out from many games has its own specific charm.:)

  • I'm complaining about this problem. More realistic sounds will enhance your gaming pleasure. Also, when you release the accelerator pedal, the sound of the engine disappears. This is not normal.


    MAN Lion's Coach / MAN Lion's Coach C

    When I jump across this area, I pass through the glass. It must be a problem very funny.




    As you climb the steep hill, the headlights of the bus disappear


    MAN Lion's Coach / MAN Lion's Coach C

    This property is very nice. there is dust and light reflection on the glass. The other buses are not so obvious

  • Just a few things I've noticed in 30 mins playing:

    -S519 HD Rear Suspension

    -Multicolored Bags a little overkill (do they really have to be primary colours?) and black straps not visible from further away

    -Windscreen wipers on MAN Lions wiping away rain effect is delayed, rain disappears after too long.

    -Laedle supermarket north east of Ahlbeck, fruit stands fall into the ground and disappear.

    -White floating car in Innsbruck

    -Frankfurt Airport, lorries (trucks) going full speed on the ground level and full speed turning the corner at the end scraping the column.