Upcoming DLC: Netherlands

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  • kingof50 i doubt there will be other map DLCs coming out this year. There is still work to be done on the Netherlands DLC. And also very soon "The Bus" will be released into Early Access ;)

    Of course I understand everything, but TML-Studios doesn't have 200 hands to do such a big, even a huge job ^^

    In the future, of course, all the promised DLCs will be released :):thumbsup: But now the main goal is to release into early access the new project "The Bus" :S

  • Freeman - there’s some exciting stuff coming in 2021, can’t say yet but it will be a cracker of a year for new content, stay tuned!

    903stcp - originally that was the plan, but because of other issues and things, it’s probably not now this year, TML will announce more when we have it ready.

    And as DenisVarlamov88 says, right now the main focus is on getting the bus prepped for EA.

    Guys you can rest assured that the team is working flat out to get things ready, but as usual I can only say it will be soon™️ when you get more news about upcoming projects etc...

    Kind Regards.

  • Looking nice so far. The only issue I have is some of the buildings still look abit too german in style (in the city). And the color of the water isn't realistic (too light in color). But this issue is not just for this DLC. Water graphics should be improved in fernbus overall imo. I'm from the Netherlands btw.

  • Elate - the footage that Quarney posted yesterday clearly states that it's a work in Progress, over time the team works to make DLC's as realistic as possible, but if we started barking up the tree of recreating every building authentically, things would take forever, the roads are in the correct place and major landmarks are represented, some assets maybe reused yes, things that are unique to each country (e.g. the traffic lights, the Motorway signs and the "UIT" motorway signs are implemented into the DLC) but please bare in mind, Fernbus recreates Europe at a scale of 1:10, so it's not always possible to recreate all buildings due to size constraints etc..., same as it's not possible to 100% recreate mountains because of the height mapping, please rest assured that TML always goes to huge effort to reproduce things as accurately as possible, but sometimes, due to limitations, it's just not possible.

    As for the water graphics, the team is extremely busy with getting the bus ready for EA, i'm sure eventually™️ that the water graphics will receive some attention.

    Kind Regards.

  • Buildings are mostly standard on every map and unfortunately the differences between countries are getting smaller. Ensuring map performance as recommended for the game is a brake here.

    Perhaps TML-Studios will have to decide to increase the recommended PC hardware configuration in order to play smoothly, and this could result in significant differences by country.

    More unique buildings at the cost of lower efficiency. Take Paris, for example, where the performance is much lower (less FPS).

    If we want a better game, we need to have better hardware than in 2016 when the game was released.

    Eventually, the introduction of pedestrians will also lower productivity. For this, you also need better computer hardware. If a map of Poland is created in the future, remember that there are completely different road markings and unique buildings.

    The maps should look like this, that immediately after entering a given country, we immediately see the differences and feel the specific climate.

  • Hi,

    Elate - I was just giving you a friendly reminder about the work in progress, it’s best to just think of that sort of thing as a preview, as it’s not wholly representative of the final product, there could be changes still :) as for feedback: TML reads every piece of feedback that is received from the community, irrespective of the stage of development of a DLC, feedback is very much welcomed by the community even for work in progress items.

    Kind Regards.

  • Wasn't nececary , it literally shows in the video "work in progress". Kinda hard to miss this text.. my critique is still the same.

  • Elate - everyone is entitled to their opinion :) you need to understand that the TML team is about 10x smaller than SCS, so we don’t have the luxury of sorting everything in one go, of course there’s scope for further alterations down the road, but the team is busily working on getting the bus ready for EA, so don’t expect changes anytime soon.

    Kind Regards.

  • Not sure what you are on about at this point, but sure. I literally gave minor feedback on a trailer for the upcomming DLC Netherlands. Pretty common thing to do.

  • Bearing in mind this is Work in Progress footage, I hope that there will be more work put into the motorways, as they still look very empty; the road signs are placed very sparsely, there aren't any billboards or advertisements placed besides it and the road textures/markings also look the same. I do appreciate that moving bridge feature as that's very unique. Therefore I think the motorways are what TML should focus on, as they just look like there's something missing, and I don't doubt that the cities will turn out great! :)

  • There is no point in launching a new DLC with a specific region if the location has no characterization with the real place. The cool thing is to go from town to town and notice differences with the real place.

    To invest money in something I see on other maps is to throw money in the trash. And to complete the game it loses quality and becomes tiring. Euto Turck Simulator 2 at the beginning was like that, the objects were repeated a few years ago that started this work of characterizing cities and countries both in new DLC and updating old maps.

    TML has to be careful with this, invest time in creating something like the neighboring country and lose the countries' identity, this is something serious.

    The question of performance is to know how to develop maps without impairing performance. In this case the files will be replaced by others and keep the data rate proportional to the standard files of the game regions that the performance is better.

    Paris is a big city, so performance is less, more other cities in France are smaller and the impact on performance is better.

    TML needs to work better with Unreal, the water quality needs to improve a lot. The lighting went so crazy that I don't know what to say, I WAS ON THE RIGHT WAY (in the past) but in the last few updates it got worse to the point of becoming discouraging to play.

    Some things I liked, the traffic lights were more visible from a distance and the brake lights of the cars. Night lighting needs to be revised, several places need light poles and the quality of light needs to be studied.

    I thank the team that improved the lighting of some bus stops that I drew attention to.

    I know that part of the problem comes from the Unreal graphics engine in the latest updates. But TML has to develop ways to alleviate the problem until they are corrected by Epic Games. The TML team is hardworking so I continue with my support, but I can't help expressing my opinion. :)<3

  • ^ I agree with you I think signage and buildings need to be more localised I've only been playing this game for a week now and I'm really enjoying it. I'll continue to support this game and with The Bus releasing next year I hope all the attention doesn't distract from Fernbus Coach Simulator. I saw trailer for Netherlands and seen a picture that Belgium, Czech Republic and Denmark are in the game files, I rather see those areas localised and I can't wait. Also how many cities do you think we'll get with Netherlands DLC?