Fernbus Coach Simulator: Your wishes and ideas

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  • More than two years have passed, and you have not even released mods tool to be able to modify it ourselves

    Very true [BOL]TaVoBus . That's what I'm most disappointed about at the moment. Even because there already was a demo video on YouTube, but this already feels like years ago.:/

    I was about to buy the tourist bus, but after reading your FAQ, it says that it will not have moding tools, is that true?

    Regarding to an interview UndergroundBerlin gave at the gamescom it's true, only for Fernbus Simulator and The Bus.:(

  • Oh, I nearly forgot the modding tool.:S

    And it actually has been silent so long time. I didn't remember what was the latest news about it, could anyone tell me something about it? :S

    Humm...For some wish and suggestions, I would like to ask that does TML would want to start a Close Test of modding tool? So many qualified modders such as 3DM Studio, Gladbeck Team, Nick might be glad to help you test the tool and create mods. And these third-partner developers might give more professional improvement suggestions to you.

  • It would not make sense to have both games with the same structure if you do not have the modifier tool available for all games. The current situation is another Tourist Bus Simulator is in the market now and is being developed together with Fernbus. Modifications to both are pretty much the same in updates with few differences.

    I still think this tool should be available after the game is more solid. Fernbus and Tourist Bus still needs many improvements and a modification tool would bring even more problems if it is not an effective and complete tool.

  • Hi Team,

    Admittedly this below post of mine was three years ago.

    I'm still a proud owner of the original box version I pre-ordered from Aerosoft but due to a slow PC I've never really been able to play Fernbus properly until now, I decided to upgrade my PC really just to be able to play the game.

    If it's alright, I'd like to once again reiterate what I most wanted to see a few years ago which I see still hasn't been implemented.

    Sure it's not a major thing but I'm one of those people that looks at the smaller details!

    I'm sure once I get into things again I'll be able to give more suggestions.

    For sure though something straight out of the bat I'd definitely say the addition of more airports and hotels would really be a good idea as it adds more ability for creativity into the simulation. Particularly Basel airport as it's so near to the city.

    Much appreciated as always thank you.

  • Hi matt9529 I saw you are from Palma and i'm actually here while writing!This is my first time in Spain,my first time in a deserty place and my first time on an island.Spain would be a pretty good DLC for Fernbus but TBS has Spain already (Fuerteventura) so Spain should come after more DLCS.I would really like to see Romania and Hungary since they are two small and beautiful countries.They can be in only one DLC like Austria and Swiss

  • My wishes / ideas :

    1- The possibility to create our own society and Paints.

    2 - Add biggest service station (with Restaurants, shops ...)

    3 - A Multiplayer mode.

    4 - Add Setra S 431 DT or an other (DT Setra).

    5 - Add Poland or a part of Poland and France.

    6 - More realistic police controls.

    Thanks for reading.

  • Hi all,

    The following is my 2 cents of ideas accumulated over time and would like to share them with you.

    I'm sure I'll make more posts but for now I'd like to post these. It's already a great game and could be really special with continued love and care by TML to fine tune certain aspects of the game.

    1) Ability to "show" or "hide" certain repaints in game on AI vehicles.

    -We can already activate or deactivate mods in game like repaints but I would like to be able to have them active but hide certain ones from appearing on AI vehicles. Maybe because I am using a repaint that is unique and don't want to see 10 other coaches with this livery or some other reason.

    2) Ability to send "gps" location in game to TML Studios with bug reporting.

    -Too often than not there are trees fallen in the road, bushes growing, flowers in places they shouldn't be, invisible obstacles which are very painful to crash into at 100km/h, flying furniture and floating cars. It'd be great as soon as we see something to hit a button and it brings up a neat module with observations box and automatically records the location of the bus so TML can fix what ever problem we find with an attached photo.

    3) More Airports & Hotels.

    -Since day 1 having Frankfurt Airport is a godsend albeit not true to life, it adds so much more possibilities and now with the Treff Hotel Panorama as well. I'd like to see more airports and hotels. Especially as with flight cancellations people are usually sent by coach.

    4) Traffic Information from Flash Bass FM.

    -Great feature for those that understand it, I'd appreciate English audio for this or at best subtitles on screen to understand this bettter. A "ticker" scrolling across the screen would be great.

    5) Fine tune passenger tickets.

    -Something I suggested 3 years ago and I still would like to see the passenger tickets more true to life, symbols, maps etc.

    6) An "Estimated Time of Arrival" on GPS.

    -This would be like ETS2, it's great knowing what time I have to arrive somewhere but it'd be even better to know what my ETA is so I know if I can relax or need to speed up.

    7) Change base without having to reset the profile.

    -Be able to change the base and keeping XP, unlocked cities etc as with new DLCs it's painful. I reset my profile to have a Swiss registration from Basel and currently unlocking all cities again but there's not much point as I'd much rather a French registration plate to simulate Flixbus.fr

    8 - Passenger load density.

    -Not sure how it currently is generated but driving different routes and only ever get like 16 or 20 maximum passengers at any given time (on a good day) and some routes I just have say like 4 people.

    An option to either have more or less passengers as driving say the neoplan skyliner for 16 people is a little sad and even with most other buses to be able to have full loads would be really nice.

    9) More game modes.

    -Not as a separate DLC but like we have Flixbus Original routes there should be other interesting routes.

    *A train has broken down or because of line maintenance and we have to do a rail replacement service by road between two train stations (I think this is a very good idea!)

    *We have to take supporters and even perhaps the team of football from one stadium to another (without all the management part) so within normal fernbus.

    *Airports-Hotels-Airports shuttles.

    10) Destination Display

    -Possibility to show a "symbol" instead of a route number. So for example we can choose a symbol of a plane, a train, a camping place etc...

    11) Lower intensity of headlights

    -In some vehicles the headlights are a bit overkill like the neoplan skyliner just on low beam at night is far too bright from the interior view I think.

  • - Traffic signs reflection

    Traffic signs should be more realistic if they can reflect light from a distance.

    Fernbus simulator:

    In real life:

    - Traffic signs letter

    Also, I would be happy if I could read traffic signs from a distance. Currently, it is inconvenient to self-navigation because I have to get close to about 100 meters to distinguish its letter.

    - GPS

    The display of GPS is narrow even if the magnification is 3 times. If it is displayed more wide, you can go through the interchange smoothly.