Unreal Engine 5

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  • Cool novelty.

    I imagined that this moment would come. With new features like Ray Tracing and DLSS something would change.

    New boards containing artificial intelligence engines need to be improved.

    Greater concern is the weight that this new engine will bring on old hardware. A new generation of GPUs and processors arriving this year should bring some gain (even Nvidia's RTX series 20).

    If Epic Games does manage to get developers to make the content created on Unreal Engine 4 be supported in version 5 it will be interesting for TML, of course if you add something significant (benefit) with the change.

  • Good news for TML-Studios. Unreal Engine is now completely free to use in games that have earned less than a million dollars.

    Epic Games canceled royalties for using Unreal Engine to create games that brought developers less than $ 1 million, the company said in a blog post on the engine’s official website.

    Previously, developers could download and use the Unreal Engine, but Epic Games had to pay 5% of the game’s profits. Now you need to share part of the proceeds only after the first million dollars earned. In addition, the new rules are retroactive - they begin to act on relationships that began on January 1, 2020.

  • wait I think I lost it , no we need to pay epic games money for using the unreal engine to publish games srsrly?

  • thats right^^ its a "small" fee like around 5% or smth like this. I mean its understandable cause they need to pay for their employes as well. and smaller studios like Tml dont have to invest 10 thousands of euros and many years of work to develop a graphic engine (and sound engine) that is, hands down, very good. Its a win-win situation.