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  • I’m glad you’re focusing on one area of Germany rather than a whole place. So correct me if I’m wrong but wouldn’t Cicerostrasse depot be better for the 100 / 200 as they go to the Zoo which is nearer Kurfurstendamn. Or is it they operate out of Indira Ghandi Strasse?

    I can’t see the DL using the tiergarten tunnel to reach the depot out of service.

    Anyone know?

    What the time you have there dread? 12 o Clock Natty. :thumbup:

  • After the last video I added on the The Bus project, I got inspiration and I decided to make a video that I hope will further fuel interest in the "The Bus" project :saint:

    This video will also be interesting from the excursion side, as bus route number 100 covers a huge number of attractions that are partially shown in the video :)

    Unfortunately, this is only a small part of what I managed to find on the Internet. And there are still so many beautiful places ahead that we have to visit in the project "The Bus".

    I must say that the route in "The Bus" is recreated to the smallest detail. And I tried to show this comparison with real shots in this video.

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    For my part, I wish TML-Studios development and creativity in the upcoming creation :love::)

    P.S. TML-Studios, if you suddenly like the video and you want to publish it on your youtube or on social networks, I will only be happy. Link to ;)

    For those who want to fully enjoy the beauty of the real 100 route in Berlin (recording date 2018) (Alexanderplatz towards Zoological Garden), I will leave a link to the video that I found on the Internet.

    Take care of your head at 24 minutes and 36 seconds 8|:D

    Video of the real bus route number 100

  • Hi @Denis_W,

    thanks a lot for the great clip! Maybe we wait a little, until the pedestrians are implemented, then a comparison will be even more interesting ;)

    Best regards!

  • In my opinion it would be better for TML to participate as soon as there are announcable efforts to show to the people. You know, they cannot simply show the pre-version from two years ago if there is no new material to present, so I can understand that decision quite well.

    Furthermore, they'll have to discuss about the topic of TXL airport which is about to close now. If they don't have a good answer, people will likely declare the plan of integrating an (not actively existing) airport as strange. Also if BER will be missing, they won't meet with understanding.

    So it is important for them to prepare these topics before presenting any news of The Bus, otherwise there may be unpleasant situations for TML...

    Kind regards.

  • I believe that there should be a time for everything. If this is The Bus, which was designed in the city of 2016, then it was supposed to go out in 2017 maximum. But if the simulator has been under development for many years and, for various reasons, cannot be completed, then it should be slightly changed to modern times. It’s the same that I’m about to release a film that I shot in 2001. Would anyone be interested to watch it now with a release date of 2020? If this is 2020, then appropriate personnel is needed, not old ones. Otherwise, the film would have been of a different nature.

    I want to write that everything has its time. If the TXL line will be removed in reality, then it is better to replace it in the simulator. Better not let it be at all. Surely, the airport will now be elsewhere in Berlin. Make a replacement. Well, or in extreme cases, make a general vote on forums and social networks, as was the case with the DLC. Let people choose what suits them best. After all, it is they, i.e. we will buy the final product.

  • I dont understand that discussion. As everyone knows, The Bus will get a map editor. So everyone can build his modern 2020/2021 Berlin (or could hope for a dlc). You guys know, that the BER is like on the otherside of Berlin? Its not like changing some routes. Its like building a whole new map from scratch. Nah guys. The main thing is to get a good release and finish the damn thing. Berlin settled in 2016 is very good idea for a start. What comes after could be discussed, but for now i dont see any reason to change the whole thing. You even driven the TXL-line? its a very beautiful, nostalgic and varied Bus-line.

    The other thing is, the release Map has no or just a small impact on the success of the game. Look back at OMSI 2 where the release map was settled on the older Berlin. Or ETS2 were the Map was just a import of the previous games. There are otherthings like KI, Physics, Multiplayer, Performance,... that have to be on point at the release.

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    @Denis_W Actually the airport is gonna closed in the late of this year, but we don't know how Berlin will deal with the buildings after the close down, we can only sure that it won't be tear down in a short time. So as to the TXL busline, how its future goes, we don't know yet. But we can't stop the develop process and wait to see Berlin and BVG's action, so we can sure that there won't be changes at least when the game released, also you're able to change the busline in the game, whether extending it or closing it up.

  • I think that redoing anything is unnecessary. We have been waiting for The BUS for a very long time and if now the developers begin to redo the floor of the game again, then I'm afraid we will never wait for this game. Also, a lot of work was put into creating a map of Berlin and it is impossible to take and just throw it away. I agree with Surtur , there will be a map editor in the game and everyone will be able to build whatever Berlin he wants.

    The community can simply burn out and lose interest in the game if it is constantly postponed.