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  • I bought multimedia package can I put how Internet radio station and listen in game?

    It is not possible to add your own internet radio stations to the game, if that was the question.

  • winner In Fernbus Coach Simulator there's no difference between D1 and DM or R1 and RM. D means driving forward and R means driving backward.

    BUT: When you shift to D1, you can see the current gear during the ride. E. g. when you ride with 100 km/h, your board computer shows D11 (in LC and LCC).

    This is bug... Gearbox should engage 12nd gear as soon as possible... At 100km/h it should have around 1200-1300 rpm on 12nd gear...

  • TommyDr1v3r CZE  Don_Castor  winner  Sami Nordlund

    There is a difference:

    D1 and R1 are the regular automatic gear switches

    D3 and D5 tries to start with a higher gear to avoid slippage

    Dm and Rm are shunting gears without automatic switching and with lower gas

    Yes, that's right, Dm and Rm mean Maneuver gear or "Turtle" for maneuvring at lowest speeds. :) Same as trucks.

    What about 12nd gear bug? Will be fixed please?

  • I am asking you for steering wheel Logitech G 29 , enter leds when adding gas to the LOGITECH SDK, it looks very nice in games F 1, project cars, on the road. I think Timo can do it. additionally, enter the clutch and manual gearboxes. These two issues are the voice of the environment, I hope that TML STUDIOS will do it. :):thumbup:

  • TML - Studios, when will news on Fernbus Simulator ? Share what we can expect in the future. You promised a video on Youtube, but we never saw him.

    A new DevDiary would be nice to share what is going to happen in the near fututre. There wasn´t even a DevDiary regarding to TBS until now.

  • I'm very looking forward to France, but I don't want to set TML under pressure; please take your time for developing many different projects: VDL buses, optimization of TBS and FBS, The Bus as a completely new game, France with its lots of square kilometres, the modding tools etc etc. :):thumbup:

  • This road is to Lyon, is under construction and ends at the border crossing

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  • Don_Castor You're right ! Luckily, all TML members don't know what" to sleep" means...

    The only TML member who sleeps is the cat.

    Typical work day at TML Studios:

    7:45 coffee

    8:00 preparation meeting; Tom makes the presentation with radio jingles

    8:30 coffee

    8h31 we look at the bugs reported by our enthousiats users

    8:58 the day will be long

    9:00 we start working on The bus

    12:00 coffee

    12:10 we go on working on the bus (damn, ho has chosen this name ? )

    12:15 Gil divides the work for bug fixes

    12:20 the first bugs are solved

    12:30 the second bugs are solved

    12:40 stupid bugs, we must now take care of Fernbus

    14:00 we do the " 12 Oclock sandwich break"

    14:17 hugs for the cat

    15:00 the day will be very long

    16:00 everyone tears their hair and tries to understand French road signs for the DLC France. Stupid French rules...

    17:00 Aerosoft phone : how do you do? Aerosoft encourage the team for the remaining hours. The video game market is expanding and all players want the games for free so salary will decrease. Aerosoft suggests a new DLC ; this time, it 's about transportation of Schlagermusik enthusiasts to the Munich beerfestival. We will have to simulate the use of toilets at 1rst person view ( VR ready ). Aerosoft will offer a perfume for toilets with the box version and a map of the best motorways "RastHof". the day will be very very long....

    17:10 Looking the forum : our biggest fan of Los Santos Republic don't understand why we didn't implement today the suggestion he made 2 hours ago.

    18:00 relaxing jogging; Timo has the right to ride his bike

    18:15 running end

    18:23 someone ask us for a serbo-cratian translation of our next Munich beer festival DLC.

    19:00 snack and fries meal. mmm what a delicious smell !

    20:00 (only on Friday) Tom leaves the others. He has to present his radio show ; in fact he goes to the nearby office. Amazing what can be done with a computer nowadays

    20:15 Chris calls us, he is happy in his new life and didn't forgot us. He remember our team each day but cannot call us every day. He want to send us pictures of Berlin's U-Bahn. He suggest us to use his pictures to make new texture for an new underground project. We add this to the wishlist (book 25, page 817)

    21:00 Tom comes back, he did not drink too much.

    21:05 still coffee

    21:10 So Fernbus or the bus ?

    22:00 we dream of another life

    23:00 we continue to dream of another life but we don't know what else to do

    00:00 we program the new physics engine based on the last version of unreal engine 28.7c

    01:00 Gil marks the corrected bugs

    02:14 Mathias has an idea about a revolutionary new concept game about buses and coaches. The name will be "Bus and Coach Real Simulator". It will be a new game ( road scale 1:1, autogen houses, traffic based on real current traffic jams) but we will go on maintain TBS, Fernbus and the upcoming The bus.

    03:00 we take care of Tourist bus, too late to call PedePe, these lazy people aren't working anymore, they don't know anything about real life !

    3:31 we read the mail just send by Yan71ck. He reveals the place where the floating flowerpot is located 2 cm above the ground (Augsburg, Germany map) ; by the way he reiterates how much he appreciates the Neoplan Cityliner and the Comfort Class S511HD....

    4:05 it is a bit difficult to keep our eyes open, thanks to the toothpicks to help us keeping our eyelids lifted

    05:00 heck, the coffee machine is empty

    6:00 The working day is soon over, we can upload our new release, The Munich DLC BeerFest for Fernbus, also available for future owners of the Munich map of our "The Bus". We have to discuss at next meeting if we will adapt this DLC in TBS Fuerteventura, but that means that we will have to change the name of TBS or made a new game based on the current TBS ... An aspirin ?

    7:00 The day is over, we have to go buy the coffee for the next meeting . Draw lots to choose who goes to the store to buy food.

    7:15 First feedback of players about our new DLC : The foam of the beer isn't realsitic enough and they ask us when the DLC Spain will be available.

    7:18: We think "what a beautiful job. We work where others have fun."

    7:33: Marthias :" that's a good game concept, let's think about it"

  • Yannick [FR] How much time have you spent on writing that text!?:lol: Incredible, probably everybody here knows that those 24 hour days are never long enough to do everything you've planned. If they were longer, there would be some time left for sleeping…||:lol:

    The hugs for the cat are very important.:engel:^^